Grimes: "Dolphins Are Building Something Great"

Posted Mar 30, 2013

New cornerback discusses the positives of his new team.

(On his decision to join the Dolphins) -- “It seemed like a great opportunity and they stressed they wanted me here. That is always something that a person likes to hear. Jeff Ireland, the Head Caoch Joe Philbin and the Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle and the DB coach were all in contact with me and telling me that they really wanted me here and I can be a big part on what they are trying to do. That played a major role in me deciding to come to Miami.”

(On how Miami kept in touch with him during this period) -- “I am pretty sure you know I came on a visit and talked to them. After the visit they kept in touch with me and told me (that) they really wanted me to be here and they liked what I can do on the field. (They) just texted or called or however.

(On why he chose Miami and what took so long to get the deal done) -- “I’ve never been a free agent so I was dealing with my agent. He was working and getting the stuff together. I was just going on visits. I picked Miami because I think they are building something great here and I would love to be a part of it. They really showed a lot of interest in having me here. That played a major role in me deciding to come to Miami.”

(On his Achilles) -- “I am doing great. I’m doing everything. It’s just about getting all of your strength back to where you were before. As far as…I don’t have any restrictions right now. My workouts…if you look on the internet, my wife is always putting up videos of me doing stuff (laughing). I am doing great. I am really encouraged by this rehab. I look it as a challenge and I respond well to challenges and I am 100% confident that I will be straight in no time.”

(On timeframe when he will be 100%) -- “I am not going to do timeframes. I just know the surgeon (said) six to eight months or something like that, but I feel great. Like I said, I don’t have any restrictions right now. I am running and everything. It’s just building up your strength and everything. That’s part of the process, but I have plenty of time. With the offseason workouts and getting everything in shape, I will be great.”

(On if he will participate in OTAs) -- “I don’t know. I will be there. I will be doing things and see what I can do and what they want me to do. How many practices…I’m not sure. Honestly I can’t give you an answer right now, but I feel like…”

(On his strengths) -- “I feel that I am a great playmaker. I make plays on the ball. I play the ball in the air very well. I can bring that to the team. That’s why they wanted me here, because of my ability to make plays.”

(On if Terrell Sugg’s coming back from the saem Achilles injury encourages him) -- “It was cool to see that he came back and played last year. The injury altogether…it improved with the surgery and everything improved. Just like any injury nowadays, ACLs. It is not like a while ago. Those types of injuries were devastating. There was a corner I followed last year that came off a torn achilles that had a great year, Leon Hall for the Bengals. I watched him a lot. That encouraged me the most because we played the same position and I got to watch him and he played well all year.”

(On the defense) -- “They have some great players on defense. That was definitely one of the strong factors. I like his scheme and how they are aggressive and the defensive line. They are a great defensive line that can get after the quarterback and create problems for quarterbacks and disguise looks. I believe that is any secondary players’ dream is to have a pass rush that makes it a problem for the quarterback. He just can’t sit back there an be comfortable.”

(On what it takes for a quarterback to be effective in a zone quarterback scheme) -- “Just a feel for the game, instinct and skills. I feel that I can play any type…I am not just a zone corner. The zone takes knowing football and knowing where you are supposed to be and knowing where your help is going to be and just being a smart football player. That helps in a lot in playing in any type of scheme, not just this one. Being smart and having great instincts help a great deal.”

(On Joe Philbin) -- “He is a great guy. I haven’t actually sat in front of Joe Philbin. I talked to him on the phone. When I came on my visit, I think he had to go out of town, I think at the meetings in Arizona. Just from talking to him, he seems like a cool guy. He is definitely no nonsense. He is about his business. He keeps everybody in line. His track record speaks for himself. I will get to know him more since I will be on the team. It will be great.”

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