Hartline: I'm Trying To Be There For The Guys

Posted Jul 24, 2013

Brian Hartline discusses his leadership within the Dolphins wide receiver room as he speaks with the media following the Dolphins training camp practice on Tuesday. Watch for Hartline's response when asked about a possible race between himself and Mike Wallace.

(On being a leader of the receiving core) – “I think I kind of just try to do my job, kind of be a crutch where if somebody needs to lean on somebody, ask for advice or ask if, “Is it always this hot,” or “Is it always this hard,” type of thing. I’m just trying to be there for the guys just like they are trying to be there for me. I hope they stay mature.”

(On how the knee pads feel) – “I honestly don’t notice them that much.”

(On if he had a foot race with Mike Wallace) – “Mike is smoking me (laughing). The dude is on a different level.”

(On Mike Wallace saying the same thing about a foot race with him) – “He’s on a different level. He’s pretty fast (laughing).”

(On how much Mike Wallace would beat him in a foot race) – “He’s got to give me at least five yards, depending on how long the race is. It’s like a ratio (laughing). We’ll see.”

(On if it hurts him to admit Mike Wallace is faster) – “No, I’m okay with admitting that to him, to him and only him.”

(On Marvin McNutt and what he has seen of McNutt as a receiver) – “I would say consistency. I would say being at the right spot at the right time. He’s catching the football well. He does a good job of showing the defenders off, but really just being consistent and doing his job.”

(On if he misses two-a-days) – “I didn’t even know they had left. It’s like we are still in two-a-days (laughs). But no, I don’t. I think at this level with OTAs, offseason work and practice a day with a walkthrough is plenty of work to get done.”

(On what he will do tomorrow during the off day) – “Maybe watch a movie. Tomorrow is our off day, (so) kick the feet up, drink a lot of water, massage tonight and try to relax a little bit.”
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