Hayes Happy To Be Where He's At Right Now

Posted Mar 12, 2017

The veteran defense end almost joined the Dolphins last offseason when they recruited him as an unrestricted free agent.

William Hayes admitted the idea of being traded from the Los Angeles Rams would have had him bummed out, if not for one minor detail. The team acquiring him was the Miami Dolphins.

Hayes almost joined the Dolphins last offseason when they recruited him as an unrestricted free agent before he decided to stay with the Rams, and a year later they got him in a trade that involved a swap of 2017 draft picks.

“Nothing really surprises you in this league,” Hayes said. “But I got excited. I felt like it was a team who wanted me last year throughout free agency and for them to still have interest in me again, it wasn’t the worst feeling in the world. I think if it would have been somebody else I probably would have been a little bit more bummed, but I’m excited to get the opportunity to play for Coach (Adam Gase) and hopefully help this team any way I can.”

“I’m OK with whatever led to it. It’s something I can’t control. I’m just grateful to have the opportunity to continue to play football. I’m not trying to figure out why I got traded. It’s not my concern anymore. I’m not affiliated with the L.A. Rams anymore; I’m a Miami Dolphin. I’m just happy to be where I’m at right now and I want to win.”

Hayes spent the past five years with the Rams, which came after he played his first four NFL seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

He said he came “very close” to signing with the Dolphins last year but instead decided to stay with coaches he was familiar with.

Hayes started 34 games the past three seasons, but he says he’s open to whatever role the Dolphins ask him to play.

However that plays out, Hayes says he’ll carry the same positive attitude into each practice, each meeting, each game.

“Full of life,” is how Hayes described his personality. “I don’t know how I’m going to be … every day I could come in and I could be a different character, but I’m never going to be negative. I’m about all positive vibes. When you’re happy and you can enjoy coming to work, it makes coming to work a lot easier. That’s what I’m all about. I’m about having good vibes and creating a good atmosphere for me and everybody around.”

Those who watched “Hard Knocks” this past season already know Hayes is rather unique in some of his beliefs. Among them, he doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, but he does believe in the possibility of mermaids.

“I’m going to give you a quick little tutorial in the way William Hayes thinks. I don’t necessarily believe in mermaids, but I believe in the theory that there could be mermaids. For me personally, the world is 80 percent water or something ridiculous like that and we’ve only discovered just a small part of it and every single day we pull out different species out of the ocean and we find different forms of life in the ocean. So my whole thing is, who’s to say there can’t be an Ariel floating down there in the water somewhere. There’s a mythological creature called a mermaid. They had to come from somewhere. The dinosaur thing, I can’t roll with it.”

Hayes, however, says he’s got different takes on plenty of other topics.

“I don’t think man ever went to the moon,” Hayes said. “I have plenty of theories. I could go all day.”

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