Hickey: "It Was Like A Day On A Trading Floor"

Posted May 9, 2014

Dolphins general manager meets with the media to discuss the wild trading activity in the second day of the draft.

(Opening Statement) – “Thanks again. (It was) a productive day. Again it was like a day on a trading floor. A lot of movement, and I really have to say a special thanks for the people in the draft room working the phones. For every trade that is consummated, there is about 12-to-15 calls that are made before you actually get (a trade), so it’s a lot of work. Dawn Aponte, Joe Schoen, Chris Shea did a great job of working the phones. It resulted in a lot of movement that we felt was beneficial for the Miami Dolphins. The first pick as we traded back, we are thrilled to have Jarvis Landry. He’s a guy we watched for a long time in the SEC. He’s a captain. He’s tough. He’s smart. He’s productive. When you watch the tape, he jumps out at you. He’s a guy who played on special teams. He’s a guy who has passion for the game and just makes plays. He’s definitely a guy that we liked every time. Obviously I saw him play live several times, and he always jumped out, just his ability to make plays and play with a toughness and passion that for us symbolizes what the Miami Dolphins are about. We are thrilled to have him as part of the Miami Dolphins, and I know he is very excited as well.

"The next selection we made was Billy Turner. Again he was another player that we brought in on a visit. He played the Senior Bowl. He’s a guy that played tackle. At the Senior Bowl he played guard. He brings a lot of versatility. The thing we like about him is he was also a team captain. He was a part of three National Championships, I believe if I have the numbers correct. He was a team captain and just brings toughness, size, athletic ability and brings a lot of versatility. He was a guy we definitely valued and wanted to move up to get. He was in the mix. When we took Jarvis Landry, he was the next guy. So as soon as we made the Jarvis Landry pick, we got on the phones and tried to work up to get him. A very busy day, but a lot of great work done by a lot of people up there in our staff. They did an outstanding job.”

(On if the first 10 or 12 picks of the second round dictated on the team trading back) – “As always as you are coming up to your pick, you are always looking at the players that are available just weighing, balancing and moving back as opposed to the players you would get. We liked the players on our board. We felt there was an opportunity to move back, and those players were still there. We were thrilled to get them on our team.”

(On if he felt like today he wanted to get additional picks) – “Sometimes it presents (itself to you). We are always trying to get more picks, but sometimes you are not as confident about still getting the player that you target there. It’s a balance. Every time is different. Fortunately we are able to get some movement in some teams that were motivated to come up in the spots we were selecting, and we did so.”

(On what he liked about Jarvis Landry) – “Just the toughness, playmaking, great hands, the ability to get open, the ability to play in the slot, being able to play on the outside, play on special teams. He does so many things well. When you watch LSU tape, he jumps out at you as, ‘This is a football player,’ a guy who plays with great passion, strains to win and just does so many things that helps teams win. Again we always talk about tough, smart, productive, and again he fits that bill. He’s a captain. He’s a leader. One of the things as we interview a lot of players, we always talk about, ‘Hey when you played different teams, who is an opponent that really stood out?’ His name kept coming out. Every player that played against him had a tremendous amount of respect for him, and it definitely shows up on tape. We are thrilled to have him.”

(On his thoughts when Jarvis Landry ran at the combine) – “I thought opportunity. Again, as we have conversations, whenever someone doesn’t run as fast as you think they run, what you do is you go back to the tape. How fast does he play? Is he able to get open? What does he play? He ran faster at his pro day, so that’s what we do. We go back to his tape, but at the end of the day we want guys who play fast. We definitely felt that Jarvis Landry played fast at the highest level versus excellent corners, versus safeties, and he produced. He’s able to get open and with tremendous hands.”

(On if the vision is to try Billy Turner at guard) – “We are going to work him at guard. We are going to work him at tackle. Again to us that is a positive, a guy that can play a lot of different positions. So that’s definitely a positive, and what he brings is toughness. He’s got great size. He’s a really good athlete. Again just some of those things, playing on a winner, being a big part of that winning tradition there at North Dakota State, and obviously acquitting himself well at the Senior Bowl where we had a little more access to him where he played left tackle, he played right tackle, he played some guard, so definitely.”

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