Hometown Huddle A Big Hit With Dolphins Players

Posted Mar 19, 2012

One glance around the super large game room at Dave & Buster’s on Hollywood is all it took to validate this edition of the Hometown Huddle hosted by the Miami Dolphins.

Seven Dolphins players relived their childhoods with kids with special needs from United Way of Dade and Palm Beach United Way agencies and kids from Commit 2B Fit in Broward. Mike Pouncey, Dan Carpenter, Brian Hartline, Brandon Fields, Sean Smith, Cameron Wake and Jeron Mastrud made their way around the arcade with rechargeable game cards and teamed up with the kids for an afternoon of fun and games.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Pouncey said. “I remember growing up being a kid and this is all I wanted to do was come out and hang around guys that were in the same position I’m in right now. It’s just a blessing to be a part of this organization and come out and have fun with these kids.”

A total of 40 kids got to share in the unique experience, 20 from Beechside Montessori Villlage that were selected by the Dolphins’ partner, Commit 2B Fit and 20 special needs kids from Seagull Industries/SAIL Academy selected from the United Way of Palm Beach. Once they were given their game cards following a nice healthy meal, the kids were off and running, sometimes zipping past Dolphins players.

For the kids from Beechside Montessori Village, meeting the Dolphins came as a complete surprise and only added to the fun of the afternoon. They truly felt rewarded for paying attention to the message of Commit 2B Fit.

“We have implemented the Commit 2B Fit Program at our school and they log their daily fruit and vegetable intake and their amount of physical activity per day into a Commit 2B Fit planner,” said Kim Rich, the physical education teacher and athletic director at Beechside. “They’re just all around great kids that really go above and beyond and make good choices while not having the best opportunities and this is so much fun to watch and they’re so excited. This is why I’m a teacher.”

Wake is very forthcoming about his commitment to proper nutrition and proper exercise and has illustrated that commitment during the season and the offseason. He only eats healthy foods and stays away from pizza and anything else he does not consider healthy, so this message rings true to him.

During a break from one of the arcade games, Wake, who has participated in the Hometown Huddle at Dave & Busters before, expressed his appreciation for the event.

“Anytime you have an opportunity to interact with kids and give back to the community it puts a smile on my face,” Wake said. “Even us big kids are having fun and I really enjoy what they are promoting in terms of eating right and being healthy. If you look back to our childhoods you remember coming home from school and after doing your homework running outside to play kick ball, ride your bike or climb trees just to stay active outdoors. Technology these days has brought about video games and iPads or X boxes and PlayStations and it’s important to let children be children and lead an active lifestyle outdoors.”

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