I Said It: 10.12.17

Posted Oct 12, 2017

Head coach Adam Gase and coordinators Darren Rizzi, Matt Burke and Clyde Christensen addressed the media before practice Thursday at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University.

Here were the comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

“At the end of the day, for us it’s all about not having negative plays.”
— Adam Gase said avoiding third-and-long situations is critical for the offense.

— Adam Gase has noticed a trend in the way opposing teams are defending the Dolphins.

“When he threw the ball away, he was right.”
— Adam Gase says some of Jay Cutler’s incompletions were the result of him making good decisions.

— Adam Gase says Jay Cutler can’t get away with depending solely on his arm anymore.

“I’ve known Gugs a long time, really respect him as a person. In light of the situation, he’s a very good guy to come in here and step in.”
— Darren Rizzi was on the Dolphins staff with new senior offensive assistant Dave DeGuglielmo from 2009-11, but their relationship goes back long before that.

“Distractions are distractions if you let them be distractions.”
— Darren Rizzi provided an interesting way of talking about focusing on the task at hand.

“I couldn’t tell how to get on Instachat or whatever it’s called.”
— Darren Rizzi isn’t involved with social media, which he made obvious with this statement.

— Darren Rizzi wasn’t surprised by rookie punter Matt Haack’s breakout performance against Tennessee.

“It’s definitely draining. It’s exhausting. Game days are tiring. You’re always on edge. I go home on Sundays and I’m comatose on the couch.”
— Matt Burke loves game days, even though they can take a toll.

— Matt Burke says Lawrence Timmons keeps surprising him with his speed.

— Matt Burke has a lot of respect for Rey Maualuga’s football acumen.

“I thought it would be huge if we got out of the first quarter 2-2 with all that’s happened. It gives you a chance to hit the reset button.”
— Clyde Christensen was happy with the way the Dolphins wrapped up the first quarter of their season.

— Clyde Christensen likes the way the offensive line has stuck together this season.

“You can’t let the outside forces in. You can’t let anybody define who you are.” 
— Clyde Christensen offered his take on the topic of dealing with distractions.

- Clyde Christensen described Laremy Tunsil’s play at left tackle so far this season as “OK,” though he expects it to improve significantly before long.

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