I Said It: 10.18.17

Posted Oct 18, 2017

Quarterback Jay Cutler, tight end Julius Thomas, wide receiver Rashawn Scott, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and safety Michael Thomas were among the players who addressed the media at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University on Wednesday.

Here were some of the comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

— Ndamukong Suh smiles when he was asked who would rate as the vocal leader on defense.

“We’re going against a tough defense. These guys handed it to us last time.”
— Jay Cutler knows the Dolphins will be facing a challenge against the Jets defense on Sunday.

“That’s been on tape before. It’s not the first time. I try to stay as calm as possible for these guys, but there’s going to be some points throughout the season it’s going to go the other way.”
— Jay Cutler says his show of emotions against Atlanta was not a first-time occurrence.

“The NFL is the NFL. Every team is good on any particular day, any particular Sunday, Monday or Thursday.”
— Ndamukong Suh says he never underestimates any opponent.

— Ndamukong Suh likes the strides he has seen on defense.

“With two parties coming together, we really have the potential to do something that can really impact the future generations.”
— Julius Thomas had positive things to say about the league meeting in New York that he attended.

“We’re starting to come together as an offense, starting to really understand what the coaches are looking for and trying to go out there and execute that.”
— Julius Thomas is happy with the progress he has seen on offense.

— While he liked what the offense did in the second half at Atlanta, Julius Thomas said and his teammates will have to start all over against the Jets.

“A month in this building is like almost years. Everything is changing by the day, so a month of additional practice means that we have an opportunity now to have really drilled some things, working on some stuff.” 
— Julius Thomas see a lot of changes from the first meeting against the Jets back on Sept. 24.

“Now that I’ve been out there, it just feels like it was yesterday that I was practicing. It feels like it came around fast, but obviously it was a long time.”
— Rashawn Scott was excited to be back at practice for the first time since the spring.

— Michael Thomas was among three Dolphins players, along with Julius Thomas and Kenny Stills, who attended the league meeting in New York on Tuesday.