I Said It: 8.18.17

Posted Aug 18, 2017

Here were the comments from Head Coach Adam Gase and some Dolphins players after the 31-7 preseason loss against the Baltimore Ravens that stood out, along with some perspective:

 — Adam Gase looked what he saw from Jay Cutler in the quarterback’s first preseason appearance.

“I guess that was my experience going against Max so many times, he comes out of nowhere and knocks the ball loose. That’s kind of his ‘M.O.’ ” — Adam Gase saw cornerback Byron Maxwell’s playmaking skills when he faced him as an offensive coordinator; now he’s glad to be on the same side of those plays.

“It was good, good to get back out there with the team. (It was) nice to get first reps of the new year.” — Running back Jay Ajayi got the start and played the first offensive series.

— Jay Ajayi said there was nothing different in his game because he was coming back from an injury.

“A little nervous to get it going, but once we got out there it was fun. These guys are really talented on the outside, so they make it pretty easy for me.” — Quarterback Jay Cutler said he also felt some nerves before his first practice in a Dolphins uniform.

“I don’t think we’re into gauging where we’re at. We’re just trying to get better each outing.” — Jay Cutler says the focus these days isn’t so much on results but rather on the process.

— Jay Cutler compared DeVante Parker to a faster Alshon Jeffery, his former teammate with the Chicago Bears.

“I’m just trying to get better each day. Each preseason I’m trying to learn from other games that I’ve had and just trying to get better each day.” — Xavien Howard has been able to make progress this summer after being sidelined for most of training camp as a rookie in 2016.

— Xavien Howard explained his first-quarter interception.

“We’re getting better every day, constantly working on things individually, as a unit. It’s an everyday deal at getting better.” — Quarterback Matt Moore echoed Jay Cutler’s sentiments in saying the biggest focus on offense is simply to get better and not worry too much about results right now.

 — Rookie cornerback Cordrea Tankersley had an impressive interception in the second quarter.

“I thought he looked good for a guy who hasn’t done it since whenever it was — November or whenever it was. I thought he moved around good. I thought he threw it good. It was fun to watch him out there.” — Matt Moore had a positive review of Jay Cutler’s first preseason appearance.

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