I Said It: 9.24.17

Posted Sep 24, 2017

Here were some of the postgame comments that stood out after the 20-6 loss against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium:

“They just beat the (snot) out of us. That’s the best way to put it. We didn’t show up.” — Head Coach Adam Gase had a pretty succinct assessment of the game.

“They’re teeing off us on third-and-long. We were in third-and-six-plus the whole game.” — Head Coach Adam Gase addressed the issues on offense.

“There’s nothing to say. Look at the scoreboard.” — Head Coach Adam Gase said there was no specific message he would have for his players.

“Trying to get something going. We figured maybe we could complete a ball on the punt team.” — Head Coach Adam Gase explained the decision to have punter Matt Haack throw a pass in the third quarter.

“I believe we’re a good offense.” — Jay Cutler still has plenty of confidence in the Dolphins’ ability to move the ball.

“We didn’t help the defense. The way we played on offense, we didn’t give them a chance.” — Jay Cutler said the defense actually deserved credit for holding the Jets to 20 points.

 — Jay Cutler is hoping the Dolphins can ultimately get something out of the Jets game.

“It’s hard right now. I’m actually really itching to get to looking and seeing the tape. It kind of baffles me what just happened.” — Cameron Wake was at a loss to explain the Dolphins’ performance.

 — Cameron Wake said the Dolphins did not overlook the Jets because of New York’s 0-2 start.

“I’m pretty confident in the guys that we have, prideful guys, guy that take the job seriously and want to win.” — Cameron Wake is confident the Dolphins will rebound.

 — Ndamukong Suh said the loss had nothing to do with anything that happened before the game.

“Every single guy that’s been in this league (knows) that you can’t overlook any particular team. We’ve got to be respectful of every single team.” — Ndamukong Suh echoed Cameron Wake’s thoughts the Dolphins did not overlook the Jets.

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