I Said It: July 29, 2017

Posted Jul 29, 2017

Head Coach Adam Gase, wide receiver DeVante Parker, linebackers Lawrence Timmons and Kiko Alonso, and cornerback Byron Maxwell were among those who addressed the media after practice at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University on Saturday.

Here were the comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

— Gase said linebacker Neville Hewitt has looked good in camp.

“If we give him 10 minutes, he always tries to find a way to get 30 minutes work. We have to watch him because he’ll go past what we’re trying to do.”
— Head Coach Adam Gase described the challenge of trying to keep Mike Pouncey from doing more work than desired.

“I love the fact that last year I don’t remember getting a lot of hands on the ball. The coverage is way tighter.”
— Adam Gase may not have liked seeing three interceptions from a play-caller standpoint, but he liked it from the point of view of a head coach.

— Linebacker Lawrence Timmons talked about the importance of building a rapport with new teammate Kiko Alonso.

“Coach Gase makes it fun for us, very youthful here. It’s just fun out there. It’s like high school all over again.”
— Lawrence Timmons has been enjoying his first few days of camp with his new team.

— Kiko Alonso is looking forward to teaming up with Lawrence Timmons at linebacker.

“I'm playing a lot faster. I know the plays and everything well.”
— Wide receiver DeVante Parker explains the reason for his strong start in camp.

— This is DeVante Parker’s mind-set these days.

“Glad to hear that from the starting quarterback. He knows what he's talking about.”
— DeVante Parker smiled when told of Ryan Tannehill’s praise for his work.  

“As I'm getting later in my career, and I know what those things mean to your legacy, yeah, of course, it means everything to me. I want those things.”
— Byron Maxwell says winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, but he also acknowledges shooting for individual recognition.