I Said It: October 19, 2017

Posted Oct 19, 2017

Head coach Adam Gase and coordinators Darren Rizzi, Matt Burke and Clyde Christensen addressed the media before practice Thursday at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University.

Here were the comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

“He took last year’s stuff, he narrowed it down. Coming in this year, Matt had a better feel for what our players did well.”
— Adam Gase indicated the changes Matt Burke made to the defense in 2017.

“Can’t worry about what happened last time. We’ve got to figure what we’re going to do this time.”
— Adam Gase didn’t make it a point to show his players film of what happened in the first game against the Jets this season.

— Adam Gase likes the way linebacker Lawrence Timmons is active on defense.

“I think they’re up there. I like the way they play. I like the way they tackle.”
— Adam Gase likes the physicality of his young cornerbacks, Xavien Howard and Cordrea Tankersley.

— Adam Gase is happy with the performance of Xavien Howard.

“You don’t have to remind anybody around here about how critical every week is. It’s pretty clear.”
— Adam Gase says he doesn’t have to remind his players about the importance of division games.

— Darren Rizzi believes the return game will produce a big play sooner rather than later.

“We’re a completely different team. I think we’ve grown a lot since then.”
— Darren Rizzi sees a lot of change in the Dolphins from the first Jets matchup.

“He’s had some Lazarus experiences out there where he’s showed up at the last second from the dead, so we still keep hoping.”
— Clyde Christensen says the Dolphins coaches never give up hope of DeVante Parker being able to play until the last second.

— Clyde Christensen can’t explain the dropped passes but believes the issue will get straightened out.

“He jumped in there and went with a hiccup. Overall, really solid performance.”
— Clyde Christensen was happy with the performance of backup center Jake Brendel against the Falcons.

— Clyde Christensen says there was no great secret as to why the offensive line played better last Sunday.

“I found him to be very pleasant. He’s fit in. He’s got a humility about him.”
— Clyde Christensen didn’t know Jay Cutler before this season.

“I’m happy where he is. His speed is starting to show up.”
— Matt Burke likes the progress of rookie first-round pick Charles Harris.

— Matt Burke marvels at the kind of impact Cameron Wake can still have at 34 years old.

“I think the guys have bought in to the big picture of what we’re trying to do.”
— Matt Burke makes it a point to tell his players the reasons why he does things on defense.

“We feel he’s a pretty good player, yeah. We feel he’s got that talent. Physically, he’s got all the tools.”
— Matt Burke believes Xavien Howard just needs to continue learning the nuances of playing cornerback in the NFL.

“We feel comfortable with the guys that are playing for us right now. We feel good about their depth there.”
— Matt Burke is happy with his current linebacker situation.

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