I Said It: September 20, 2017

Posted Sep 20, 2017

Here were some of the comments from the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University on Wednesday that stood out, along with some perspective:

“When we play these guys, it’s a physical game. It’s a division game. This is one of those ones where you throw everything out of the window because it’s going to be slug fest.”
— Head Coach Adam Gase is expecting a battle Sunday against the Jets.

— Head Coach Adam Gase explained Jay Ajayi’s heavy work load against the Chargers.

“I saw a guy that was not going to be blocked. When they were trying to run the ball, it didn’t matter if there was two guys on him or one guy, he was penetrating, creating negative plays (and) causing chaos. Basically the same thing I’ve seen every week since I’ve been here.”
— This is what Adam Gase saw from Ndamukong Suh on film.

— New linebacker Stephone Anthony came to the Dolphins with something to prove.

“You go from New Orleans to Miami in the blink of an eye, so the challenge for me is going to be to get in the playbook and get going and see where this thing goes.”
— Stephone Anthony is eager to start the new chapter of his NFL career.

“It was not by choice, but it was given. I’ll take it. I’ll make it special.”
— Stephone Anthony is being given number 44 after he wore 50 in New Orleans.

— Defensive end Andre Branch had a quick answer when asked whether it’s a coincidence the four Clemson players on the Dolphins roster play defense.  

“It’s been kind of wacky the last two weeks. But it feels good to be back. And practice slapped us in the face with the heat. So we’re back in Miami.”
— Life has somewhat gotten back to normal for Andre Branch.

— Davon Godchaux reflected on his first NFL regular season game.

“He walked through the door, I was happy. It was like college all over again.”
-Rookie Cordrea Tankersley was happy to see another former Clemson player join the Dolphins after the trade for Stephone Anthony.

— Jay Cutler clearly room for improvement for the offense.

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