I Said It: September 21, 2017

Posted Sep 21, 2017

Head coach Adam Gase and coordinators Darren Rizzi, Matt Burke and Clyde Christensen addressed the media before practice Thursday at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University.

Here were the comments that stood out, along with some perspective:

“We have enough guys that have been through those types of situations. That is something that can carry over where you get to the fourth quarter and there is that belief that guys are going to make plays.”
— Adam Gase believes it’s no accident the Dolphisn have become so good at winning close games.

“I’ve never really had a go-to guy in the red zone. I want to have to cover everybody.”
— Adam Gase made it clear he wants all of his skill position players to make plays near the end zone.

— Linebacker Kiko Alonso is a fairly quiet guy, but Adam Gase likes the way he has emerged as a leader on defense.

— Darren Rizzi explained the confidence the team has in pulling out close games.

“One thing he’s gotten a lot better at is coverage. He obviously has great speed. He’s always been good with the ball in his hands.”
— Darren Rizzi likes Kenyan Drake’s performance on special teams Sunday, which was highlighted by his tackle at the Chargers 12-yard line on a kickoff return late in the game.

— Darren Rizzi talked about winning close games, which the Dolphins found a new way to do last Sunday when the Chargers missed a last-second field goal.

“As far as the feeling-out process, it certainly helped him to have such a good game. It doesn’t hurt his status with the guys.”
— Darren Rizzi understands kicker Cody Parkey made a nice first impression with his new teammates.

“The one thing I appreciate about him is he knows his role. He’s never given us pause to think he can’t do what we’re asking him to do. He’s been great from the start.” — Matt Burke has gained a lot of respect for rookie defensive tackle Davon Gochaux.

“We’re still trying to get to know him. We’re going to get a feel for what he can handle and what his best fit is.”
— Matt Burke is hoping to quickly get familiar with new linebacker Stephone Anthony.

— Matt Burke explained it was difficult for the Dolphins to get sacks last Sunday because Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers made it a point to throw the ball quickly.

“It was cool. I was excited. From the week before to the end of the game it’s probably not how we might have scripted it, but it’s kind of what we do. It was fun.”
— Matt Burke enjoyed his regular season debut as an NFL defensive coordinator.

— Matt Burke made it clear Kiko Alonso is the leader of the linebacker corps.

“I’m amazed that they pulled the thing off. Pretty amazing job to go 3,000 miles and come from all parts of the country and give ourselves a chance to win a football game and get a team prepared. I thought they were phenomenal.”
— Before he took questions, Clyde Christensen made it a point to give a shout-out to the Dolphins support staff to helping set up the team in California for the whole week.

— Clyde Christensen wants to see improvement in the way the Dolphins run the no-huddle offense.

“He’s a young guy. I think of him as a rookie left tackle. I was not disappointed. He’s OK. He’s going to be fine. He’s going to be really good player.”
— Clyde Christensen addressed Laremy Tunsil’s first start of the season at his college position after he played as a rookie at left guard.

“He has kind of an ability to throw the ball with his feet in a lot of different positions.”
— Clyde Christensen liked the way Jay Cutler moved around in the pocket and also demonstrated his ability to make all types of throws.

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