Incognito: We’ve Won More Battles Than We’ve Lost As An Offensive Line

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Guard Richie Incognito discusses the play of the offensive line and also speaks to reporters regarding Texans defensive end Antonio Smith.

(Opening Statement) – “Football’s an intense game, it’s played with a lot of passion, blood runs hot, I’ve been there, I’m no choir boy. People lost their cool, just thank God no one got hurt.”

(On if the helmet made contact with his face) – “You know I’m not really going to touch on anything like that, I’m moving past it and just moving on to the Tampa Bay game.”

(On how he was able to keep his cool) – “You know, you’re faced with those situations all the time. It’s been a work in progress for me, it’s something I’ve been working on for many years now and I have too much respect for my teammates and too much respect for the hard work that we put in to retaliate and affect this team negatively.”

(On if he told his coaches of what happened after he left the field, or if coaches discovered it on their own) – “I don’t know what the process is like on that.”

(On how the o-line is currently playing) – “There are good plays and bad plays, I think we’ve won more battles than we’ve lost as an offensive line. We’ve had some shuffling pieces, some new faces in there, we’re trying to find rhythm right now. I think we found rhythm in parts in that Houston game, and I think that’s something we can hang our hat on, being able to run the football and grind people down.”

(On if the run blocking is ahead of the pass blocking) – “Its preseason, we’ve got some new faces in there, so on some plays we have excellent pass blocking. On some plays we have breakdowns in the front, that’s what we’re working to overcome right now. I would say that our run blocking is ahead of our pass blocking, we’ve been working really a lot on the zone game, and its coming along.”

(On if he can say that there is nothing he did prior to the incident that deserved a reaction like that) – “I’ve made my statement on that, I’m moving on from the Houston game, we’ve got Tampa coming in and I’m focused on the home opener.”

(On the fact that the other player involved is going to allege that other stuff was going on) – “That’s fine.”

(On the loss of Dustin Keller, how that affects them offensive line wise) – “It’s tough losing a guy like Dustin (Keller), first and foremost from a teammate perspective. He’s a great guy, great guy to have around, he’s a hard working guy. He was going to be an impact player for us, he was going to make some big plays, those tight ends, they’ll have to step up now, they’ve got big shoes to fill.”
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