Inside The Coaching Staff: George Edwards

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Each member of the Dolphins coaching staff has his own unique story which led him to the NFL. Today we learn how George Edwards went from an undersized linebacker at Duke University to his current position as the Dolphins linebackers coach.

What kind of player were you?

“I was an undersized inside linebacker.”

What was your career highlight, and why?

“A lot of people don’t know this but when I played at Duke University we won the conference championship my senior year under Steve Spurrier. That was without a doubt my career highlight.”

How valuable was your experience playing at Duke?

“I would say it was a good part of my upbringing. The foundation and experiences that I had there at Duke University were limitless. The people I came in contact with, the coaches that I worked with there, the players I was able to play with and what they’re doing now in life and keeping in contact with them I would have to say is invaluable.”

How do you feel your experience as a player has helped you as a coach?

“I had the blessing of playing with Mike Junkin, who was the fifth pick in the first round in 1987. He left in my junior year. Just seeing him and his work ethic every day with me being an undersized linebacker and really an overachiever type, it kind of let me know that I can’t just come out here. Every day is a performance day. Whenever you step across this line you’re getting evaluated on a performance, so that’s the way I’ve approached it whether I’m coaching or playing or whatever.”
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