Ireland: Jordan's Just Got A Tremendous Skill Set

Posted Apr 25, 2013

Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland wraps up the first day of the NFL Draft.

(On who specifically Dion Jordan reminds him of) - “I’d rather not get into those kinds of comparisons. I would just say that he reminds me of some players that I’ve been, I’ve had on teams that I’ve been on and let’s just keep it that way.”

(On how he would describe what type of player he can be) - “He’s just got a tremendous skill set. He’s very quick. He’s very agile. He’s got burst. He’s got change of direction. He’s got twitch, what we like to call, you know, initial quickness and twitch. He’s one of those guys that’s hard to knock off his feet. He can bend the corner. He can cover tight ends down the seam. He just has an array of skills that translates in the National Football League.”

(On whether he would consider using him at linebacker) - “Could be. I mean that’s what I like about him. He’s very versatile and he played linebacker there and he also rushed the passer so, when we get our hands on him and see where the best place he is, you know, where the best place he’ll fit and then that’s going to be up to the gentlemen to my left (Coach Philbin) to find out exactly what he does. We’ve got a great vision for him. Part of that’s going to be rushing the passer but the other parts up to him (Coach Philbin).”

(On whether Jordan started very high on the draft board or if he moved up later) - “He started that high. Sure did.”

(On if there were a lot of guys up there with him that they would have moved up for) - “There weren’t very many. No. Just a few.”

(On how high he had the offensive tackles rated) - “I’m not going to tell you my board (laughing(. We had them pretty high. They were well rated. Not surprised that they were one, two. Not surprised at all.”

(On his surprise over the lack of offensive skill players to be drafted in the first round) - “Quite frankly it didn’t surprise me too much. It came off fairly about what we thought to be honest with you. It’s kind of a unique draft but as you go through it and you start putting the board up, that’s kind of how we had it. So it’s not surprising at all.”

(On whether he is concerned about the amount of offensive linemen taken in the first round) – “Well we’ll have to see. If you follow the draft over the last three, four, five years, the tackles go fast. Offensive linemen go fast. I think back in 2007 or 2008 in think eight of them went in the first round. So I think over the last five years there are at least five that go in the first round. That trend, I don’t know what today was, but for offensive linemen I know there was at least five. That trend has certainly kept up for sure.”

(On what he thinks about his need at cornerback) – “What do I think about my need at cornerback? Well I don’t know that it is a huge need. I certainly would like to address the secondary at some point, but we’ll have to see how the draft goes.”
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