James: "I’ve Been Trying To Lead"

Posted May 25, 2014

The first-round pick answers questions from reporters and explains how he's adjusting to the Dolphins' offensive scheme.

(On how it feels on his first day back playing football) – “It felt good to get back out here. I haven’t played football in a long time. We’ve been practicing to be track stars through this whole draft process, so it’s good going out there and competing.”

(On if he feels like he needs to be a leader as the first overall pick in this rookie class) – “Yes, I’ve been trying to lead, that’s what I did at Tennessee. You know these 35 guys just came in. Thirty-five guys came in yesterday. Just trying to help everybody get along, to help everybody in the right direction. I try and do what I can.”

(On how it has been picking up the new offense) – “It’s been going good. It’s a lot of similarities to the stuff coach (Butch) Jones brought my senior year, that zone read stuff. It’s definitely picking up smooth.”

(On if he knows if the team expects him to be the right tackle, or what the team expects of him immediately) – “They haven’t gave too many expectations as a set thing, but like I said before, I’m just coming in trying to compete. I just want to contribute to the team the best way I can.”

(On the biggest thing he wanted to see out of his play today) – “Just working on the new technique we learned and trying to sharpen that up. Coach Benton has taught us a lot of different techniques, changing up stances, changing the first step, things like that. So I wanted to show him that I could do that, and just work on it.”
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