Jason Taylor Press Conference And Transcript

Posted Oct 20, 2011

LB Jason Taylor

(On if there is any difference on defending Tim Tebow to other mobile quarterbacks) - “I think he’s more excited about running, more willing to run than some quarterbacks. Still a lot of quarterbacks that end up running when there is pressure. They have to scramble and create something. I think even a player like Michael Vick; he’ll run around if he has to. I don’t think there’s really called plays where he’s going to run a trap or a power play. Tim Tebow will do things like that. They’ll call plays like that. He’s not a guy that’s going to slide. He’s going to drop his head and get extra yards. He’s a little different from that aspect. But at the end of the day he’s a quarterback and we have to defend both the run and the pass against him.”

(On if he hasn’t really learned enough yet to not run so much) - “He’s a little different. He’s done it for a long time. He’s a big guy. He’s put together pretty well. Built like a linebacker really and he runs like one. There may come a point in time he’s told he needs to be more of a pocket passer or he learns that he needs to be more of a pocket passer, whatever. But in the meantime, if that’s the way he makes plays to win the games for them then I’m sure he’ll continue to do it.”

(On how tough is it to stay disciplined knowing he can stop running and pass) - “It’s like with everybody. When they run around you continue to chase them. I think as a defensive player you kind of get a feel for where the line of scrimmage is. You know when he gets past that he ain’t throwing it and if he does it’ll be brought back. You rush recklessly like you always do. Understanding where he wants to go, what he wants to do and every quarterback is different and we have plan for everyone. We won’t change our game plan because we’re playing against Tim Tebow. We understand what he presents, the challenges he presents. We understand what he does well and what we may want to force him to try to do and we’ll play it accordingly. He’s a good football player. I know people have mixed opinions on him. Everyone has an opinion now a days and everyone loves to say it.”

(On if 0-5 is tougher on this stage of his career than in the past) - “No, 0-5 is 0-5. If you ever get used to losing and get better with it than you better get your ass out and do something else. It’s as simple as that. 0-5 is tough regardless of what you’re doing whether you’re playing monopoly, checkers or football.”

(On if 0-5 is magnified because it’s the first five games of the season) - “Guys, I’m not going to make five losses sound good at any point at any time. There’s nothing fun about it. There’s nothing good about it. The story still ends the same way. If you were starting out 3-0 and lose five straight then they tanked, they’re choking now. At the end of the day you still lost five. I don’t care when you do it. I don’t know what else to say about it. 0-5, five losses in a row is five losses in a row.”

(On what gives hope that this team will eventually turn it around) - “That’s me. That’s just me. I’m optimistic. I believe in the guys; I believe in what we’re trying to do. Sometimes it’s hard to have faith sometimes when you’re not seeing the results. But that is, at the end of the day, the definition of faith…really believing without seeing it. We know we’re talented enough to do it. We know we’re doing some things that are killing us that are preventing us from doing it. We’re working to get it corrected contrary to what people think. There is no tanking it in this locker room. There is no “Suck for Luck” in this locker room and all that crap that’s going on right now. We’re going to get it fixed; we’re going to win games. I plan on doing it on Sunday.”

(On what his reaction is to “Suck for Luck”) - “I think you can tell what my reaction is to it. Even without asking me I think you know what mine is. It’s ridiculous. Nothing amazes me anymore. You see so many asinine things that are written and said and talked about now a days. For me to even…just to be acknowledging it is kind of condoling the stupidity but, you know what, it is what it is. People are going to talk about it. I think he addressed it and said it was ridiculous. I’m going to say the same thing. If anybody…I know there’s not one person in that locker room that would ever, call it what it is, throw a game to lose enough games to get the number one pick. I mean, it’s…number one, it’s illegal for a player to throw a game whether it’s for pay or if it’s for a pick. It’s the same thing. You’re really ruining, people are talking about ruining the integrity of the game to try to secure a draft pick. And there’s still no guarantee you are going to get the draft pick. That it would even come up and people would start to think this and let the wheels turn. I turn the radio on and they talk about scenarios and letting…I heard this morning, which is amazing, letting Andrew Luck have an input on whether or not there’s a new coach or who the new coach is and it’s just like guys, are you serious? I’m not going to call them out by name but it’s like… really? If anybody, they never would come down from upstairs to lose games. If it did, there would be a revolt. (Coach) Tony (Sparano) is just not that guy. (Coach) Tony (Sparano) is never going to quit at anything. I think he would quit before he let that happen. And to be honest, there would be no team to field on the field because everybody in that locker room would walk out before we did that.”
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