Jerry Brothers To Square Off On Sunday

Posted Sep 18, 2013

First time in the regular season the two siblings will meet.

Brothers tend to find the most innocuous reasons to quarrel and then it gets even more interesting when they decide how to settle that quarrel.

Miami Dolphins right guard John Jerry and his older brother, Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Peria Jerry, will settle their differences Sunday at Sun Life Stadium. It’s the first time the two will meet in the regular season after seeing each other in the preseason three times before and both are looking forward to it, with John revealing one of his motivations to come out on the winning side.

“I just think my mom got a little cute over his name and I’m still jealous about that to this day,” said John, who is in his fourth season in Miami and second as a full-time starter. “She gave me the most common name and gave him a totally different name.”

The two siblings are very close and they have a good relationship, so there isn’t much conflict between them. Peria has been in the National Football League one more year than John and they are separated in age by just two years. Both played at Ole Miss, with Peria getting drafted in the first round with the 24th overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft and John going in the third round (73rd overall) a year later to Miami.

Atlanta and Miami met in the preseason in each of John’s first three seasons – twice at Sun Life Stadium and once at the Georgia Dome, but those were exhibition games with nothing really at stake. This time the Falcons come in at 1-1 after narrowly holding on last week against St. Louis, while the Dolphins are 2-0 and looking to win their home opener, meaning the conversations before the snap could be intriguing.

“I’ve never played on the same side of the ball as him so I don’t know how much he talks at the line or what he says,” Peria told “But that won’t happen in this game, I’ll correct that real quick. It’s just going to be mano v. mano between us.”

Dolphins right tackle Tyson Clabo practiced against Peria daily for the previous four years as a member of the Falcons, so he has a good perspective on any similarities and differences between the brothers. In fact, he cares more about that matchup than any angle that exists concerning he and cornerback Brent Grimes facing their former club.

“Obviously, the brother on brother thing is going to be pretty exciting. I think that’s the storyline here,” said Clabo, who went to one Pro Bowl with Atlanta in 2010. “You guys are all trying to talk about Brent and I but that’s the story. I’m excited to see that up close and personal. You can tell they’re brothers but personality wise they’re different. John’s a little more vocal than Peria. When you guys aren’t around he likes to talk some.”

Peria considers himself to be pretty vocal both in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage, and being that he is the older sibling he isn’t too worried about any sort of intimidation factor. Of course, he is giving away three inches in height and 40 pounds in weight to John.

Any other week, the two brothers would be talking on the phone about each other’s performances and helping each other prepare for the next opponent. They give each other tips and maybe point out things they saw on film, just like twin brothers Mike and Maurkice Pouncey do. Those phone conversations pretty much ceased this week other than to discuss family issues and things off the field.

“I talked to him (Monday) to let him know that I’d be able to take care of all the ticket situations for family coming,” John said. “But that’s as much as we’re going to talk this week. The phone is dead for him for the rest of the week. We’ll be friends again after the game.”

Upon hearing that, Peria was quick to lay claim to helping with some of the tickets on his end and confirmed that he will not be taking it easy on his younger brother just because he shouldered the load. Being as it is a home game for the Dolphins, John is hoping the Jerry contingent and friends root for him in his own stadium.

Peria has a better theory – and an appropriate prediction for what will happen after the game when the final whistle blows, regardless of the outcome on the scoreboard.

“I’m thinking it will be split in half and maybe some can wear those split jerseys or something. It’ll be fun for them either way,” he said. “That’s my blood brother so we’ll hug and I’ll tell him to have a good season and I’m sure he’ll say the same thing to me.”

John admitted how much he looks up to his older brother and how important family is, so he will greet Peria before the game during warm-ups to catch up and do the same afterwards. After all, that is the person who gave him some of the best advice growing up and even more so coming out of college.

Both Atlanta’s and Miami’s bye week fall on the same weekend of October 13th, so the two have made arrangements to get together and watch the tape of this Sunday’s game. There will most certainly be those arguments over who got the better of whom on a particular play, but for John, he’s hoping to have the last laugh in the end.

“This is something I’ve definitely been looking forward to for four years now having played him every time in the preseason,” he said. “This right here’s for a lot of bragging rights so I’m really looking forward to this game.”
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