Jones: The Sky Is The Limit

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Safety Reshad Jones speaks with reporters on Tuesday following the announcement that he's signed a contract extension with the Dolphins through the 2017 season. Also, watch for Jones' comments on his goals and expectations for 2013.

(On how it feels to get his contract completed) – “It feels good man, I can put this behind me and go out and just do what I do now. First off, just thank God for this blessing, and thank this whole organization. They said they would do it and it just proves how much these guys trust and believe in me as a player, but more importantly as person, on and off the field.”

(On if it went smoother than he expected) – “Oh yeah it did, we’ve been working on this since OTA’s and they said they would get it done, and like I said they went out and got it done. So that’s a thanks to Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland, Coach Philbin and this whole organization for making this possible.”

(On how difficult it is to wait and trust that it will be taken care of) – “It’s kind of hard, but once you trust in those guys, I trusted them, and like Jeff (Ireland) said, ‘Just trust in me, and continue to go out and work and do what (you) do and everything will work out for you’.”

(On what his goals and expectations for the year are) – “The sky is the limit. I think I went out last year and demonstrated that I’m one of the elite safeties in this game. I just want to be consistent, continue to keep doing what I’m doing and be a leader on this team.”

(On how it feels to know he will be here for the next five years) – “Like I said it feels real good. I can put this in the back of my mind and go out and just continue to play football, do what I do now.”

(On if this puts more pressure on him or less pressure) – “I think it takes the pressure off, I know where my home is for the next couple years, and like I said, the sky is the limit. I can put this contract talk behind me and go out and play football.”

(On if he did anything to go out and celebrate getting the extension) – “No, not right now, I just called my grandmother and told her everything is good now. I just want to focus on football now and help this team win some championships.”

(On what is his grandmother’s name) – “Louise Hindsman”

(On if she gave him any advice or words of advice) – “No, she was just proud of me. Nothing in particular she was just happy for me overall.”

(On any initial plans for the money) – “I haven’t really thought about it yet. I’m just taking it all in right now and just want to continue to focus on this team and help us get better.”

(On how rewarding it feels after he had to work hard to get to this point) – “It feels even better, knowing that I had to work for it. When you have to work for whatever it is, I think it’s more rewarding. So it feels good knowing that I went out, proved myself and I earned it, it wasn’t just given to me.”

(On his relationship with Brent Grimes, if it was instantaneous that he knew he was a playmaker) – “Oh yeah, most definitely the guy is quick, great speed, great ball skills, and he’s a veteran in the game, been around for a while, he’s good.”

(On the leadership that Brent Grimes provides) – “Yeah, he’s helped us. He’s been in the league for a while, he has seen and done a lot in this league. He comes out and practices pretty good and helping the young guys come along.”

(On if Brent Grimes had one of those “Wow” moments yet) – “Oh yeah, the guys a freak man, he’s a freak yea he is.”

(On if it’s amazing that Brent Grimes only a year away from the Achilles injury) - “Exactly, that makes it even more, like wow.”

(On what he has seen from Will Davis) – “Oh I mean the guys coming in and doing what he does man, he’s doing great, he does a great job, I think he’s going to contribute and help this team win some games.”
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