Jordan: I Feel Like I Ended Up In The Right Spot

Posted May 3, 2013

Dolphins top draft choice can't hide his excitement at first day of rookie practices.

(On his graduation from University of Oregon and the NFL rules regarding his ability to practice in the offseason) – “It’s on the quarter system at the University of Oregon, so it’s a while for the guys on the quarter system to be able to come and report, but I’m getting my work in here while I can and doing all the little things so I’ll be prepared when I am able to report.”

(On if he thinks he’ll be at practice for the June 11 practices) – “I’ll be here.”

(On if he would be sitting out right now because of his shoulder regardless) – “Because of my injury, I most likely would of had to sit out. For me, right now, the main thing is taking care of my body and doing what I can while I’m here as far as soaking everything up and just being around the guys.”

(On coming from Oregon and adjusting to the heat today) – “It wasn’t bad. I didn’t do much, but I got my work in and it wasn’t bad. The clouds came and saved us I think.”

(On what his expectations as the No. 3 overall pick are this year) – “Honestly, my expectations are just come in and just do whatever they ask me to so I can help my team out. I feel like, as long as I work hard and, like I said, do what I’m supposed to, I’ll be successful.”

(On the process of getting started at a new place with all of the rookies) – “It was really good. Everybody came in ready and willing to work. We had a couple of meetings and we just laid the basics down what we were going to be doing while we’re here and it was good. As you can tell, everybody came out and was fired up and they got some good work in.”

(On what he’ll try to accomplish over these next couple of days) – “The main thing for me is taking care of my body and honestly just soaking up as much as I can as far as when it comes to the scheme and all of the little things.”

(On his role and if he’ll be a hybrid or true defensive end) – “I don’t know yet. It still has time. You’ve probably got to ask Coach (Joe Philbin) to figure out what they have for me.”

(On how he thinks he could be best utilized) – “As far as my pass rush skills, that’s what I’m here for.”

(On his accident earlier in life with fire and how that helped shape him today) – “Honestly, it just made me more humble and made me just appreciate all of the little things that have been given to me. When the accident happened, I realized real fast that my blessing was my athleticism and everything that came along with it. As long as I took that as a blessing and treat it that way, every day, everything just kind of worked itself out.”

(On when he knew he made it back) – “I knew I was going to be all right. I told myself I was going to be all right. The doctor told me I was going to be good. All I had to do was take care of the little things just like anything else and I was good.”

(On how hard it is to be patient while his injury heals) – “It’s hard. You know you get out there and you see all the guys working and doing all the drills and stuff and you want to get out there because it doesn’t feel right for me sitting back watching. So, it was really tough but I understand what’s more important right now, and that’s my body because that’s my longevity.”

(On how much fun it is to get to know the other draft picks) – “Man, it’s really good. You know you get to see out here and see all the talent that’s in this class and see how hungry everybody is to make the team first of all. It’s really good.”

(On his current timetable for return) – “Honestly right now I don’t know. I don’t have a certain timetable set for me. I’m just taking care of my body and doing as much as I can to soak up as much football as possible while I rehab my shoulder.”

(On whether he will be ready for training camp) – “Honestly it’s a day-to-day thing for me. I’m just taking care of my body. I’ll be ready to go when it’s time to strap it up.”

(On what he's doing to rehab) – “I’m doing little things. You know just doing all the little things I need to do. The trainers here at the Dolphins, they have me on a good schedule as far as my rehab, and honestly I’m just taking care of my body and doing the little things right.”

(On how excited he is to be a part of the Dolphins organization) – “I’m really excited. Honestly, man I’m happy that I’m here. You know it was a quick turnaround but I’m happy that it happening so fast because it gives me time to soak everything up and honestly just to get back to my regular routine as far as football.”

(On whether he will be more excited when he can put the pads back on) – “I’ll be a lot more excited when I’m able to participate.”

(On the comparisons to Jason Taylor and whether he has talked to him at all) – “I haven’t but you know he was a great player and it’s not hard to find film on the guy. I’ve seen him play and I’ve seen him in action. As long as I work hard and continue to do the little things right I will be successful.”

(On how it felt that the Dolphins traded up specifically to select him with the third overall pick) – “Honestly man it was a surprise for me, but I feel like I ended up in the right spot at the end of the day.”
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