Jordan: I Feel Very Blessed To Be A Dolphin

Posted Apr 25, 2013

Dolphins top draft choice Dion Jordan talks with the South Florida media following his selection.

(On how surprised he was when he heard that the Dolphins traded up to pick him) – “I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting a trade to go down, but I feel like they made the right move.”

(On whether the Dolphins showed a lot of interest in him before the draft) – “Yes. I stayed in contact with them throughout the process. But of course I didn’t know that it would go down the way it did.”

(On how he feels he will perform on the line as a defensive end) – “You know I feel like I do that well. I do have the ability to get to the quarterback, but you know I’m just really looking forward to going in, learning, and doing the little things to improve.”

(On where he thought he was going to go in the Draft) – “I can tell you right now that I really did not know. This was probably the biggest surprise, but I do feel very blessed to be a Dolphin and I’m excited that they did make the move they did to come get me.”

(On what the phone call with Jeff Ireland was like) – “It was the greatest conversation. He just asked me how I was doing and the next thing you know I see the trade going across the board.”

(On how much time he spent playing with his hand on the ground at Oregon) – “I started off on the defensive side with my hand on the ground playing defensive end, and then throughout the process they decided to pick me up and put me on the other side and play outside and play in space. I do understand it. I played it in high school, but I just have to improve.”

(On whether he is comfortable playing as a defensive end) – “It’s not a problem for me. It will help me out as far as my pass rushing ability.”

(On whether it is important for him to put on a little weight and get stronger) – “Of course man. I feel like that’s the thing that every guy is going to have to do to improve. I’m just looking forward to doing the little things so when camp comes around I’ll be ready to go.”

(On whether he thinks he can help Miami’s defense force turnovers) – “Of course man. Like I said, that’s probably one of my strong suits, getting after the quarterback. But I have to do the little things man. You know, stepping into a new scene and a whole new atmosphere, I’m going to have to make sure I pay attention to details. I’m just improving in all areas of my game so I can be ready to go when the season comes around.”

(On whether he likes the comparison that people are drawing with him and Jason Taylor) – “I do like the compliment. JT is a tremendous player, but obviously I feel like I want to come in and I want to make my own staple for the Miami Dolphins and the NFL. I’m going to do everything that I can to live up to everything. I’m just doing the little things that I need to do so I can be successful at that level.”

(On whether he has reached out to Miami Dolphins LB and former teammate at Oregon Josh Kaddu) – “Not yet. There’s a lot going on, but I’ll definitely get a hold of him. I’ll be seeing him very soon actually.”

(On why he only had five sacks his senior season) – “I mean, the way my position (worked) and what I did, I played a lot in space, and I guess I can say I missed a few, so that’s probably why.”

(On what he thinks about Cam Wake and playing opposite him on this defense) – “I’m really familiar with him. He's probably one of the best in the game as far as pass rushing goes and to play with him and be in the same locker room with a guy like him, I can learn a lot. I feel like us two together, we can change up the tempo as far as pass rushing goes.”

(On what part of his game he feels he needs to work on the most in order to be a complete player at this level) – “I’m going to have to do a lot of little things, man. First of all getting healthy, which is very important to me, so I can actually play and like I said getting stronger and being attentive to details so I can be any every down player. I don’t want to be a player who just goes in the game for pass rushing. I’m going to have to do all the little things right so when it’s time to go, I’ll be that guy that they call to go out there.”

(On when he had shoulder surgery and whether he will be ready for training camp) – “I had surgery during the 28th, but you’re probably going to have to talk to coach about when they’ll have me ready to go, but like I said, I’m going to do the little things correct so I’ll be ready, and I’m going to take care of my body for sure.”

(On whether he meant the 28th of March or February) – “February.”
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