Jordan: I'm Trying To Improve And Help This Team

Posted Jul 26, 2013

Dion Jordan speaks with reporters about getting a chance to participate in 1-on-1 pass-rush drills on Friday as he continues to make progress during his first NFL training camp. Also, hear Jordan discuss some of the MMA training that he did during the offseason.

(On how he uses his leverage) – “Me being 6’6 going against guys…my leverage is very important especially getting off the ball being and being able to establish the edge playing defensive end.”

(On how it felt to finally play contact football) – “I mean it feels really good man. Anytime I get to go out there and compete with the guys…I feel like I’m getting better. It’s been a couple months before I’ve been able to come out here and get some work, some actual football work. It was great, and I’m just trying to improve and do whatever I have to do so I can get out here and help this team.”

(On if he thinks he can improve intensity as he goes) – “That’s the plan, just to keep pushing myself anytime I come out here on the field I want to compete and challenge myself. Whatever the coaches ask me to do I’m going to come out here and compete and keep pushing my limits, so when its time I’ll be ready to go.”

(On after football will he step into a MMA fighting ring) - “Probably not, no, I enjoy watching it, get after it. It’s a growing sport, and I’m not the only person that enjoys watching those guys get after it.”

(On how he would rate his speed right now) – “I feel like I was always fast, my speed really didn’t’ change. Honestly the thing is for me is the mental part, just being able to keep up with these guys mentally, because everybody is good out here and everyone is fast. If I understand where I’m going and why, it just makes it much easier for myself.”

(On what he did on the off- day ) – “I got rest man, I came in and got rehab early in the morning, and got a workout in, but I just honestly just tried to get some rest so I could be prepared for these next few practices.”

(On if he felt rejuvenated after the day off) - “Yea, I feel like everybody did, we got a little bit of rest, so our legs were a tad bit fresh. Anything we’re able to do to get out here and be ready to compete and go full tilt is great.”
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