Jordan: It Felt Good To Get Out There With The Guys

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Dolphins rookie Dion Jordan speaks with reporters after participating in on-field activities for the first time as a member of the Dolphins. Hear Jordan talk about his mindset as he looks to make a big contribution in 2013.

(On how it felt to get the pads on at get out there and practice) – “It felt real good, first of all just getting out there with the guys and being able to run around, hit things and get back to normal football routine.”

(On if he thought at the start of camp he would be able to return this soon) – “I knew how far I was as far as my injury, but I’m just trying to push myself to make sure I’m ready, and I wouldn’t be out here so I going to do everything I can to make sure I am ready. ”

(On what the first day of practice in pads is like) – “It’s really good. It’s like getting back to a normal football routine. It feels really good.”

(On his new haircut) - “It’s something they came up (with). I just wanted to get it out of the way. I went first so I could get it out of the way.”

(On feeling the pressure of being a high pick to contribute this year) – “I don’t feel any pressure. I just feel like as far as my personal goals I just want to get out here and help the team any way I can. The whole thing is to do better than you did last year and take this team as far as we can. As long as I compete and make myself better as a player, I’ll help the team in doing that.”

(On if he was awaiting a medical clearance to practice today) – “No, you will have to talk to coach about that. It was just part of my rehab, taking care of my body like I said last time. I just want to be healthy. I’m just taking the right steps to make sure I can be out here and ready to go.”

(On if he thinks about the shoulder at all while practicing) - “No, I’m trying to put it behind me, no sling or anything. I’m just ready to go”

(On if he was hoping to do more than individual drills today and if that is the next step to progress) – “Yes, that is the next step to get out there and starting to do more live drills. That is the next step for me.”

(On if doing more than individual drills is coming up in the next couple of days) – “Yes.”

(On if he feels like a marked man as a top pick and veterans looking at him) – “No, honestly I put more pressure on myself to go out here and perform. It’s not just because I’m in the NFL now or I was drafted high. It’s something I’ve always done. I’ve got to compete every day to make myself a better player. Any time I step onto the field that’s what I try to do.”

(On if he thinks he’ll do full contact tomorrow) – “We’ll see.”

(On rookie hazing) -- “I’m paying my dues. It’s nothing. I’m not the only guy who has to go through it. I’m just doing what they want me to do and get it over with.”

(On if Paul Soliai is behind the rookie hazing) – “(Laughing) I’m just doing what I’m told.”

(On who was behind giving him his haircut) – “It was the whole defense, all of the vets. They came up with it.”

(On if he likes the haircut) -- “I looked in the mirror. I don’t know how my mother would feel about it, but it’s alright (laughing).”

(On how long he was told he could keep the haircut) – “Until they tell me I can cut it off.”

(On if he got his haircut the previous night) – “Yes.”

(On if starting is a goal for him) – “It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s a pass rusher, if coach put me out there to start, even if it’s special teams, I want to play football. No matter where it is I will work. You have to earn everything. I have to earn whatever it is.”

(On how much he is learning from Cameron Wake) -- “I’m learning a lot from him. I’m learning a lot by watching a lot of film of him before I even got here, the way he works and the way he takes care of his body. It all translates over here to the football field.”
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