Jordan: The Main Thing For Me Is To Be Healthy

Posted Jul 22, 2013

Dolphins rookie defensive end Dion Jordan speaks with the media about signing his contract on Saturday to report to training camp on time. Hear Jordan respond to questions about his health and his mindset as he looks to make an impact in his first year.

(On if he did anything fancy after he signed his contract yesterday) – “No I didn’t, I had to come in here and get ready for a conditioning test, that’s it.”

(On how frustrating is it to not play right now) – “You know for any athlete you know when this is your job and this is what your whole motivation is, it’s really frustrating to not be out there and watch the guys go but i understand that my health is the main concern right now so that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

(On when he knew he was going to be on the NFI list) – “I knew a couple days ago, but it’s just something that coach and the people in the training room decided was the best for me.”

(On when he thinks he will be out on the field) – “You know right now you know the main thing for me is to take care of my body and make sure I’m healthy, so when I get out there I’m able to help the team, because that’s what I want to do I want to be able to help these guys and I can’t do it if I’m not 100% so I’m going to take care of my body and make sure I’m ready to go.”

(On if this is due to the shoulder) – “It is.”

(On how tough it is to miss OTAs and then delay start of training camp) – “It’s frustrating but like I said, the main thing for me is to be healthy, so I can get out here and help my guys and do whatever we have to do to make sure we have a successful season.”

(On how important it was to get into camp on time) – “For me it was really important, like I said before, this is something that I’ve always looked forward to doing, I just had to make sure that I took the proper steps and like I said, the people in the training room and the coach have the best interest in mind for me, so I’m going to listen to them and do what I have to do to get ready.”

(On how hard it is to be patient, as people have high expectations for him and himself) – “You know, it’s something that I’m learning real fast, patience, you know especially being young and stepping into the role that I am in now. It’s something that I’m going to have to learn and I’m going to be as patience as I have to and at the same time I have to understand what the situation is and I’m going to have to do whatever I have to do to make sure I’m ready for this season to help my guys.”

(On if there is a goal for his return) – “No, honestly you’ll have to talk to coach about when they’ll be ready to throw me out there.”

(On his rookie expectations) – “Do whatever I have to do to help this team, we have high expectations and high goals not only for myself but for the defensive side, for the offensive side, and also for special teams so as a unit, and as a team, we understand that we have to really exceed our own expectations so we can be out there and have a better season than last.”

(On if any veteran is helping him out) – “All of the guys, for me all I can do really right now is watch and listen, so I’m going to open my ears and open my eyes and soak everything in so when it’s time to go I’ll be ready.”

(On what he was able to learn today) – “Honestly, just seeing the plays that I’ve been able to watch on film and go over with coach and see them in action, and see the guys that’s been running them for the last few years, and to see how they go and how they move, that was the biggest thing for me today.”

(On if there is any concern that this might linger into the season) – “No, you will have to talk to coach, as far as how long they’ll be holding me out. Like I said before taking care my body is the main thing for me, I want to be able to have a good career a long career so I’m going to do what I have to do to make sure that’s possible.”

(On how it feels to be the million dollar baby) – “I’m not the million dollar baby, I’m a rookie on this football team and that’s how I’m going to treat it.”

(On if he likes the expectations of being the third overall draft pick) – “Everybody has high expectations, it doesn’t matter about when your drafted, either you have expectations on yourself of the people who drafted you have expectations for you, so, for me I want to be successful, I want this team to be very successful, that’s the goal for all of us, I’m going to take care of myself so I can help this team.”
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