Keller: Tannehill Has A Great Command Of The Huddle

Posted Jul 28, 2013

Tight end Dustin Keller speaks with reporters to give his thoughts on the team's first scrimmage of training camp, taking place on Monday night at Sun Life Stadium.

(On something new he has learned about Ryan Tannehill) – “His presence in the huddle, he just takes a professional approach to everything he does. He’s not the most talkative guy, but he talks when need be. He has a great command of the huddle, and a great command of this offense.”

(On what he hopes to gain from Monday night’s scrimmage) – “For me, more than anything, I want there to be consistency for our offense. It’s just going to be a great spot to evaluate where we are. I think we feel great about where we are, especially with all of these new pieces to the puzzle. We can definitely get better, and it is going to be a great to be able to see exactly where we are.”

(On first time playing in Sun Life Stadium as a Dolphins player) – “Yeah, it will be good to be on the home side.”

(On fights breaking out at practice as signs of camp getting into full-swing) – “It’s funny, usually you don’t get this deep into camp without a fight. It just shows you the type of comradely we have on this team. It’s a bunch of good guys who take care of each other. Sooner or later, guys are going to get physical with each other. Eventually it is going to happen, but we’ve been fortunate not to have very many.”

(On if the team is where it needs to be) – “I think at this point of camp, what is this, the seventh practice? Absolutely. Guys have been doing a great job, and from this point I think it is just going to get better.”

(On his expectations for himself for the upcoming season) – “I don’t have expectations as far as numbers go. Of course there are some things that I would like to get personally, but it is more so team goal. I just want to go out there and do my job the best I can. When guys see it on tape, they will think the same thing.”

(On what he sees from the team’s defensive ends while he is doing blocking drills) – “Oh, they are monsters. That is a great drill. You get some good work there, especially you got Cam Wake and guys like that over there. They have high motors, and they are tough. You know if we can do it on these days, we can do it on Sundays.”
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