Lewis Happy To Be Staying Home

Posted May 14, 2017

Lewis grew up in Miami — across the street from Hard Rock Stadium.

Among the first people Malcolm Lewis texted after signing with the Dolphins as a rookie free agent was former college teammate Rashawn Scott.

Scott worked his way onto the 53-man roster with the Dolphins as an undrafted rookie out of the University of Miami last season, and Lewis now is looking to follow a similar path.

“I talked to him,” Lewis said on the first day of the Dolphins’ rookie minicamp. “I talk to him all the time. That’s my guy. He’s just going to teach me the ropes and I’m going to be a great follower and do what I gotta do to be where I need to be.”

Lewis said Scott’s advice as he began his NFL career was simple: “The usual thing we’ve been doing, work hard and do what you gotta do, don’t get in trouble and just do everything right.”

Unlike Scott, who played his high school football in Melbourne in central Florida, Lewis grew up in Miami — across the street from Hard Rock Stadium actually.

He attended Dolphins home games as part of group outings with his Optimist League team and later with Miramar High. All along, he dreamed of one day playing on that field.

He got that chance with UM, and now is hoping to make Hard Rock Stadium his NFL home.

“It was exciting (signing with the Dolphins), a tremendous feeling getting to stay in Miami again,” Lewis said. “There’s nothing like it. As soon as I spoke with the Dolphins, I didn’t give anybody else a chance. I kind of knew they had interest, but I didn’t really know I would end up here.

“It’s just crazy that it all worked out and I ended up here.”

Lewis had to overcome a major setback to land a contract with the Dolphins, namely a nasty leg injury that cut short his freshman season in 2012. It was bad enough that then-head coach Al Golden sprinted onto the field to comfort Lewis and there were concerns it could be career-threatening.

But Lewis, who’s also friends with former UM star and recently retired NFL wide receiver Andre Johnson, made his way back and is focused on the future.

“The family I had, praying, my people keeping me up, lifting me and then I wanted to get back out there to prove with this injury you could overcome it,” Lewis said. “It was a lot of pain, a lot of crying nights, but I got over it and I just want to thank God for giving me another opportunity to play again.

“I try not to think about (the injury). I just keep my head down and grind every day and just try to be the best I can.”

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