Loyal Season Ticket Members Surprised With Personal Visits

Posted Jan 3, 2013

Dolphins players, cheerleaders and mascot leave their mark.


Not even the best Hollywood director could have choreographed the incredible reaction of Grisell Behar when she opened the front door of her Miami home this afternoon.

Standing on her walkway were Dolphins punter Brandon Fields, T.D. the Mascot and two Miami Dolphins cheerleaders there to show the organization’s appreciation for her and her husband Isaac’s 28 years of loyalty. It was all part of the Dolphins’ new initiative to reward season ticket members for their unwavering support and was the second visit of its kind. Earlier this morning the caravan visited Lenny Steinbaum at his Allstate Insurance office in Aventura

“I’m very, very happy and it’s a big surprise for the New Year,” shouted Grisell in front of her kitchen with T.D.’s arms wrapped around her and her husband. “I love the Miami Dolphins. That’s my life.”

Some of the Behars’ grandchildren shared in the surprise and the entire family could not get over the fact that the Dolphins’ punter was inside their house posing for pictures and signing memorabilia. Fields presented Grisell with her own Brandon Fields jersey and at one point she felt compelled to touch him on the arm just to make sure he was real and was there for her.

In order to keep the Behars in the dark about the surprise, they were told that someone from the Dolphins would be dropping by to present them with a small token of appreciation. But as soon as the big Dolphins Fan Experience (DFX) truck with Dolphins photos adorning both sides and the back pulled in front of the house, Grisell’s screams of enthusiasm could be heard from behind the door.

“This is a great experience for my mom. She was excited like a kid before Christmas,” said Grisell’s son, David Behar. “She’s been a longtime fan for 28 years and now I’m a season ticket holder for the next generation and we’re all diehard fans. She was a little nervous, she didn’t expect this and it was very overwhelming.

“This is priceless. My parents are diehard fans and are there through the rain and the heat, through the good times and the bad times they’re always there. They don’t leave early, they still until the last minute and this means the world to them. You’ve made my mom a very happy person and for that I’m very grateful.

Three hours earlier, Lenny Steinbaum was taken aback when Richard Marshall, Josh Samuda, T.D. and the two cheerleaders invaded his small office next to a popular bagel restaurant off of Biscayne Boulevard in Aventura. He has been a season ticket member since 1998.

Steinbaum is another one of those selfless South Floridians and he uses his Season Ticket Member benefits to give back to the children of his community. He brings them to special events like Fins Fest and the Father’s Day event among others and doesn’t ask for anything in return. He got a little more than he bargained for anyway.

“I’m just amazed. I thought somebody was going to come give me a gift and like 20 people come in here – players, cheerleaders and marketing people – that’s really nice to give this kind of representation from the Dolphins,” Steinbaum said. “It’s an event. I could have invited 20 more people and had a party here. I really do very much appreciate the fact that you guys did come and it means something to the fans to show that you give back, which is a great thing. I hope that the New Year continues along these lines.”

As genuine as the reactions were from Steinbaum and the Behars, the players also were touched. They do a lot of community events throughout the season but this was a bit more unique.

“This is definitely a first but it’s awesome just to be able to see and meet some of the season ticket members who have been fans over the years,” Fields said. “Their expression and their joy are priceless. It was awesome to be able to see that and surprise them at the door.”

Isaac Behar could never stop smiling and was so gracious throughout the visit offering Fields, the cheerleaders and everyone else food and drinks. When other family members showed up to participate it became like a big holiday party.

The Behars could not be thankful enough for the gesture by the team and pledged their allegiance once more.

“I think that it shows the community that you have an understanding of the fans and I believe that especially people who are longtime season ticket holders they can have input,” Isaac said. “We really are going to back the players and the team because we’re different fans. We feel for Miami, we believe in a team effort and I think that’s how fans should be; whether good or bad, always support your team. We got a little payback today, which is great, and you have a guaranteed renewal for life from us.”
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