Marino: New Logo Is About Tradition

Posted Apr 25, 2013

Fans at Draft Party treated to logo and uniform unveil.


Three iconic Miami Dolphins helped get the crowd at Sun Life Stadium lathered up for the dramatic unveiling of the team’s new uniform and logo at tonight’s Draft Party – Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks Bob Griese and Dan Marino and Dolphins Honor Roll member Jason Taylor. It’s the fifth logo in the team’s 48-year history. Merchandise featuring the new logo including the newly designed jersey is now available at

"To me it's about tradition and it goes back to the colors pretty much and close to the original logo," Marino said. "It's about looking forward and a new vision for the Dolphins but the bottom line it's about winning football games."

“I wish I would have designed it,” said Griese when asked his opinion on the new logo. “I like it. I like the new design and I like the way the dolphin is portrayed. It looks confident, it looks stronger and it looks ready to battle. I like the colors and how we’re going back to some of the aqua and orange like we had in the old days. I think everybody likes it and I think they should.”

Moments after each Dolphin legend was took the stage in the West End Zone wearing the uniforms from their playing days, it was time to see the new look. A large plume of smoke heightened the suspense and then the aqua curtain dropped to reveal nine current players completely decked out from head to toe in both home and away uniforms.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill stood at the center of the stage holding a football thrust out in front of him and was flanked by teammates on either side, with defensive end Cameron Wake to his immediate left and wide receiver Brian Hartline to his immediate right. They were joined by new linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler, defensive tackle Randy Starks, safety Reshad Jones, center Mike Pouncey and Daniel Thomas

“It was crazy and I’ve never been a part of anything like that,” Tannehill said. “With the fans and the anticipation it was truly a fun and exciting night. I like (the new uniform). I think it’s kind of a blend of the old schools with the modernization of the style of lettering and numbers, so I think it’s a good blend of old and new and it can be the start of something special.”

The new logo was developed during a creative process spanning more than a year and a half and incorporated input from ownership, members of the organization, former players and the franchise’s loyal fans. The logo is at the center of a comprehensive rebranding initiative anchored in the brand’s DNA of being Iconic, Vibrant and Meaningful and of ensuring all of the brand’s initiatives are “focused on football”.

Highlighting the evolution is the return to the original aqua and orange color scheme that has come to embody the team and the surrounding Miami area. The iconic elements, the sun and the Dolphin, remain prominent and allow the redesigned logo to remain connected throughout the team’s history while representing the constant influence of the South Florida environment and community.

Within the logo, the aqua, along with the marine blue, first introduced in 1997 and now finessed through this process, are inspired by the color of South Florida’s Atlantic Ocean; while the orange is representative of the bright South Florida sun. The return to the original colors also salutes the accomplishments and rich history of the Dolphins, the first professional sports franchise in the state of Florida. The enhancements also incorporate a modern, more aggressive approach on the original logo developed nearly a half century ago. The Dolphins’ positioning has been refined and now features the moment of most power in the marine mammal’s trajectory, right before it breaks the plane of the water. The sun has also been refined to incorporate more rays as well as an overall enhancement to a more brighter and vibrant color.

The Dolphins will also incorporate a new official logotype as part of the rebranding. The development of the new logotype design is reflective of the updated logo as well as an integration to a more athletic type style. Within the official logotype the word “Miami” will be introduced and accompany “Dolphins” for the first time in franchises history. The interlocked city and team name emphasizes the connection that exists between the city and its football team. As with the redesigned logo the modification to the logotype brings back the original aqua and orange color scheme while updating the lettering from a script design to a custom design type style with curved edges inspired by the fins of an actual dolphin.

The concepts developed in creating the new logo and logotype helped inspire the design and will be prominently featured in the newly designed Nike uniforms. The aqua and orange color scheme highlight the new uniform as well as newly designed numbers and the use of the new logotype font both on the jersey and on the pants. Additionally, for the first time ever the word “Miami” will be prominently displayed on the uniform pant.

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