Marshall: We're Just Trying To Get Each Other Better Everyday

Posted May 31, 2013

Dolphins cornerback talks on a variety of subjects including the improvement of the secondary and his return from last season's back injury.

(On how the defense did against the offense today during practice) – “We’re just trying to get each other better every day. Today, we had our day today. Last week, they got us a couple of times, and beat us on a couple routes out there. So it goes hand and hand. You’re just trying to get each other better and trying to stay focused on getting out there and getting better.”  

(On what he thinks about the new group of tight ends) – “As far as going against them, I haven’t done it that much. But the few times I have, they’ve run good routes for tight ends. (Dustin) Keller is a good receiver. He’s not only a tight end, he can get out into his routes where I play, and (Michael) Egnew has gotten better from last year so you’ve just got to keep getting better and move forward.”   

(On whether not having a few guys out there allows players to get more reps, or impedes progress as a team) – “Those guys have their reason why they’re not on the field, I’m not going to comment on that. But when they’re out here, we have full confidence they’re going to be out here and ready to play. That’s something we’ve got to do. We just have to keep pushing forward with the guys out here and keep moving forward and playing with each other.”   

(On how he feels physically getting back after his injury last year) – “I feel good. Nothing has been bothering me since I’ve been out here so I feel real good just being out here and moving around again. Like I said earlier, I just have to get my feet back in front of me. Not backpedaling or moving around for seven, eight months has been a little difficult. But being out here, moving around, running around, I feel great.”   

(On whether he was nervous if his body would respond) – “No, because I was doing backpedal drills and moving around on my own with the trainers before we started OTAs. I already knew that I could do it, but the fact of going up against a receiver with the receiver pushing me and how my back would react. I feel fine and I haven’t had any problems and I’m trying to get better every day.”   

(On whether it feels now like he even had the back issue) - “I know it was there, but it doesn’t limit me on what I’m doing, it doesn’t have me half stepping or anything like that. I’m at full speed and just out here trying to get better every day.”
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