Martin Gets Off Plane To Sign With Dolphins

Posted Mar 28, 2013

D-lineman was bound for Seattle when he was summoned back to Davie.

(On what sold him on joining this team) - “I mean apart from the pride of the organization, and the expertise. I mean obviously your position coach. That is the person you spend the most time with as a football player for the team. And they Everyone I spoke to spoke very highly of Coach Kacy Rodgers. I had an opportunity to meet him four years ago and that was awesome. It really is just the commitment. The sense of commitment just to winning and moving forward and just doing it. You can’t help but be humbled and flattered when someone identifies you as the piece of that puzzle moving forward, you know, to achieve that goal. So that’s what it is. I want to be a part of it. I want to be here in South Florida. I want to help this team win.”

(On where he met defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers) - Here. Before the draft.”

(On if they told him how they plan to use him) – “We spoke about it a little bit but I’m a defensive linemen and in the NFL you’re going to have to be interchangeable. Whether you come from a 4-3, 3-4, but like I said my goal is to help the team win. That’s ultimately my role generally speaking and it is exciting.”

(On going to school in Canada and 3 years of eligibility left he declared for the draft) – “I made that decision as far as, you know, the time wise, just because it was my time. I was 22 years old even though I was just a sophomore, it was just my time. You don’t see a lot guys getting drafted who wait 25-26 years old. That’s why I made that decision. I didn’t know how much success I was going to have but I believed in myself and I had a goal. It was, of course it was unconventional but like I said I had goal and desire and once I came here I wasn’t disappointed. It really is the best thing. It is the best thing in the world. It’s the best opportunity.”

(On if he met any other players) – “I got to see him (Cameron Wake) in college. Obviously I was up there in Canada. Saw him just ball out over there in BC. I’ve met a couple of guys in the locker room here and there and I do train with Mike Pouncey up the road in Delray Beach.”

(On his strengths are as a defensive linemen) – “Athleticism. Pursuit to the ball. Relentlessness and toughness.”

(On how he got together with Mike Pouncey) – “We just work out up there. You know. We’re part of the same group. We work well together up there.”

(On if Pouncey gave him a good sales pitch on the team) – “It’s all love. If you talk to that guy for about five minutes, you know, I mean he kind of wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s an intense guy. He works hard. I admire his work ethic just from meeting him from the first day. You notice that in 5 minutes and he really does love this team and he really, he really was adamant in how of a perfect fit he thought this was for me. So that was good.”

(On what other teams he talked to) – “New England. Obviously San Diego. Kansas City. Detroit and New Orleans. Philadelphia and Seattle. I was actually on the plane to Seattle this morning when I got off the plane to come over here back to Davie and sign.”

(On if it’s a one or multi-year deal) – “Two years.”

(On his impression of Coach Philbin and General Manager Jeff Ireland and the other people he has met) – “Like I said, everyone’s on the same page and that’s the thing. That’s kind of like a consensus towards the organization. Everyone wants to win. You can see it in their eyes and like I said I was flattered they identified me as a piece of that puzzle. So I really, I feel indebted now. All I have to do is come in here and work. Which is good.”