Miller: I Just Want To Help This Team Win

Posted Jul 22, 2013

Dolphins running back Lamar Miller speaks with reporters to talk about his increased comfort level with the Dolphins offensive system as he gets ready for his second year in the NFL. Watch Miller explain why he's more confident heading into this season as opposed to his rookie year.

(On how he’s getting acclimated to the role as featured running back) – “I’m adjusting really well, just knowing my assignments, picking up the offense very well and protecting the quarterback and running the ball when I have the opportunity.”

(On expectations for season) – “Just helping this team win, just get better every day, just trying to push my teammates so whoever does win the starting position they’ll be prepared.”

(On if he feels like he is truly in a competition with other running backs) – “Yes, every day, this is the NFL. So every day you just have to come out here and compete with your teammates and just try and get each other better.”

(On how much he has improved from last year) - “I’ll say I got better, my overall game just being more patient, hitting the hole when the hole is there and no wasted movement just catching the ball out of the back field, pass protection, I’d just say my overall game.”

(On how it feels to be considered the surprise this year by national analysts) – “I really don’t pay too much attention to that; I’m just trying to do my part and just help this team win.”

(On if it’s a much different mentality this year) – “Yes, everybody wants a starter position, so I’m just getting hungrier so that position will be mine.”

(On what kind of advice he received from Frank Gore) - “He gave me a lot of advice, going from his first year to now, he just taught me how to pass protect, catch the ball out of the back field, and take whatever the defense is giving me.”

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