Moore Reaching Rarified Air Among Franchise QBs

Posted Dec 24, 2011

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – With so much attention being paid to the opposing quarterback today, Tom Brady, this little piece of statistical trivia about Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore slipped beneath the radar.

Moore’s 14.6 passer rating over the last seven games from November 6th to December 18th is the fifth highest quarterback rating over a seven-game span in team history.

There are two only two quarterbacks that put together a better rating in that same span and they both just happen to be in the Hall-of-Fame. Dan Marino has the highest (122.8 from September 8th-October 14th, 1984) and fourth highest (115.8 from September 17th – October 28th, 1984). Bob Griese has the second highest (118.5 from October 17th-November 29th, 1971) and third highest (116.5 from October 5th-November 16th, 1975).

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