Musical Talents Of Rookie D-Linemen Spotlighted On Hard Knocks

Posted Aug 22, 2012

There is so much material being captured by the NFL Films cameras for HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Miami Dolphins” that it’s hard to imagine what has been left on the cutting room floor.

One clip that was destined to make it into last night’s Episode 3 – and quite possibly could make it to the producers of “America’s Got Talent” – was that of rookie defensive linemen Jarrell Root and Isaako Aaitui performing the R-rated version of CeeLo’s “Forget You.” Their rendition, complete with Aaitui jamming out on the guitar, edged out the offensive linemen for first place.
“My mom said I came out of the womb singing and I actually was professionally trained for about five or six years in the Italian operas, so it’s something I always do,” said Root, who first teamed up with Aaitui at a cookout held at defensive tackle Paul Soliai’s house. “Music is something that sooth’s the soul, fits every mood that you can have and I think it makes football more fun when you’re just out there singing and having a good time.”

Root happily admitted that he’d love to go on one of those talent shows after the season ends and give it a whirl in front of such celebrity judges as Christina Aguilera on “The Voice” or Sharon Osborne on “AGT.” Soliai revealed that he plays the bass guitar so all that’s missing to complete the band is a drummer.

Soliai could be seen along with the other veterans in the auditorium recording the duo’s performance for posterity and he was wearing a proud smile on his face because he knew they had won. Aaitui knew from the first moment he heard Root open his mouth that they were going to be the favorites.

“I knew he had a voice and that this guy can sing,” Aaitui recalled. “I brought out the guitar because I knew that I could play and I was like, ‘Let me test this guy real quick,’ and he blew me away. Paul knew that we could sing from over at his house so that’s how we got connected for the rookie show. We just made that whole thing up before the rookie show started and people have been texting me ever since.”

Now that the five-part series is more than half way over, the players have gotten used to what to expect each week in terms of certain individuals being featured in both a positive light and a negative light. Third-year guard John Jerry covered the full spectrum last night, with some harsh criticism from his coaches and some physically draining moments being shown early and then his bounce-back moments being shown later on.

One of the most talked about scenes involving Jerry was when he was shown vomiting inside the practice bubble after a rough stretch of consecutive repetitions. Offensive line coach Jim Turner was pushing him because he told the cameras earlier that he knew Jerry had All-Pro talent and it just needed to be brought out, and Jerry responded with an excellent game at the Carolina Panthers and is no running with the first-team offense.

“It’s a job and you expect them to be hard on you but I’m not worried about (the cameras capturing some of those moments),” Jerry said. “That’s part of football and everybody’s had one of those days. At the end of the day you got to have something to entertain people that are going to watch to show to keep them tuned in. It’s a TV show and you’ve got to understand that and they’re not the ones that pay me so I can’t worry about that. I think I’m progressing a lot and I’ve just got to be consistent.”

If there’s anything to be taken away from how the series as trended so far, Jerry can expect more positive camera time next week.
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