NOTEBOOK: Long Pulls A Reverse Samson With His Hair; Other Notes

Posted Nov 7, 2012

Pro Bowl left tackle gets rid of his long locks.

Now only kicker Dan Carpenter can walk around with the rock star look after Jake Long made the decision to cut his hair at the midway point of the season.

Early on in training camp, there was a friendly competition brewing between Long and quarterback Matt Moore over who could grow their hair longer, but Moore forfeited before the preseason even ended. So Long, who as a rookie sported something closer to a buzz cut, let his mane grow and grow – until yesterday when he took the shears to it.

“It was just time for it to go. I was over it so I had to cut it,” said Long, who is in his fifth season with the Dolphins. “It was all me and my wife had nothing to do with it. Everybody was liking the long hair but it was time to go.”

Unfortunately, not many of Long’s teammates are thrilled with the new look. They were just growing accustomed to his long hair and started to appreciate the intimidation factor behind it.

“I think it stinks,” said Incognito, who has been sporting a bandana under his helmet for a few weeks. “I was surprised when I saw him this morning. He’s been growing it for a while and he was proud of it. Matt Moore bowed out of the contest early. He didn’t even make it through the summer and Jake was going strong before today. I’ve got my own style going on so I don’t have to have any contests.

Even members of the defense were disappointed after getting used to the look lining up across from Long in practice. Defensive end Cameron Wake gets to see him more than anybody else during drills.

“I hate it. I liked the long hair,” Wake said. “Obviously, it was something a little bit out of the box now that we’re in a unique position that we don’t necessarily live in the corporate world with rules and needing to be clean cut so to speak. You can wear earrings and tattoos and Mohawks and you should do it now while you have a chance. He can have that current haircut the rest of his life. Later on in life you’ll be bald and wishing you could grow your hair out or do something crazy with your it.”


## This was the media’s first glance of newly signed cornerback Bryan McCann at practice. He is wearing the No. 23 once worn by running back Ronnie Brown.

## All three songs played during warm-ups and stretching were up-tempo as the team gears up for another home game. “Here Comes The Hotstepper,” by I’m A Kamikaze started things off and that was followed by the classic remix of “Walk This Way,” by Run DMC featuring Aerosmith. The last song was “This Is How We Do It,” by Montell Jordan.

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