NOTEBOOK: Philbin Gives Team Thanksgiving Day Off; Other Notes

Posted Nov 19, 2012

Unique schedule allows for proper adjustments.

Sometimes the quirks in the schedule enable something unique to happen for an NFL team and that is the case this week with the Miami Dolphins and Thanksgiving.

Head Coach Joe Philbin was able to manipulate things following last Thursday night’s game at the Buffalo Bills to where he is giving the team the entire holiday off. Usually, teams will get in either an early morning practice or a late afternoon practice while still allowing for family time, but instead of taking tomorrow off as usual during a game week, the Dolphins will practice and take Thursday off.

“We had 10 days from a Thursday to a Sunday so we came in on Friday in the afternoon and we worked on the corrections from Buffalo and they lifted,” Philbin said. “Usually for a ‘normal’ game you get three practices and a walk-through and this one we’re going to get four quality practices and a walk-through. Family’s very important to me and it should be important to our players and I don’t think next year if we’re on a seven-day schedule we’d be able to afford this luxury but I think when there’s a chance you can do something like this I think you should do it.”

Last year the Dolphins played on Thanksgiving in Dallas against the Cowboys so one year later the returning players from that team will get to enjoy a meal and a full day with their families. That’s the kind of gesture by a head coach that will not go unnoticed in the locker room.


## Even though they played four games in an 18-day span, the players looked well rested in today’s practice while at the same time very focused on correcting things in time for Seattle. Philbin pointed out some of the extra fumble drills they worked on after his team missed some chances to recover loose balls at Buffalo.

## There was a strong rock/country theme at the beginning of the warm-up and stretching period as Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” got things started and led right into Jason Aldean’s “Days Like These.” But things wrapped up with a hardcore hip-hop song by Meek Mill.

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