NOTEBOOK: Ross, Dee And Ireland In Their Own Words

Posted Mar 18, 2013

There wasn’t a question that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, CEO Mike Dee and GM Jeff Ireland wouldn’t answer.

Stephen Ross on his excitement over the last week signing these new players: “It is exciting, certainly. I think Jeff (Ireland) has done a great job with a plan that he had in mind and I think, talked about, but obviously wasn’t open because he couldn’t and I think the result of what he’s done really creates a very exciting team and I think we all know you don’t win in March and April. You win in September, October and November and December and hopefully January, but you can’t help but be excited knowing that with what we’ve done to date and having nine draft choices that you really have the opportunity of really creating a team that not only is exciting, but will be very young and because we didn’t reach for all those old veterans to sign and hope that they still had something left. So I think that’s really exciting about it.”

Jeff Ireland on if he can keep four receivers happy in this offense: “Depth is key and certainly one of the initiatives this offseason was improving our wide receiver core. Obviously with Mike Wallace and his skill set, Brian Hartline’s skills set and certainly (Brandon) Gibson and Davone (Bess). Davone is an excellent inside slot receiver, Gibson can play inside or outside. Brian can play inside or outside and Wallace’s speed and skill set and Dustin Keller. I think our depth right now is exceptional and we are not making any bold predictions, but we have a vision for Davone.”

Ross on whether this is the fast, exciting offense that he wanted to put together: “You can see where the NFL is going, and we know it’s about speed in the passing game and explosiveness and excitement. That’s what I think we are developing there, and I don’t think we are done.”

Mike Dee on a new logo: “30 days from today. April 18. There will be new details as we approach the date. We do have something planned as we get closer to the date. It will be a spectacular unveiling.”

Ireland on if this is a better team now today than it was on the last day of the season: “We certainly think we are. We made some really great moves to get younger, get faster, get more explosive, get more physical. So I think some of the moves that we’ve made are certainly are upgrades in what we’re trying to get accomplished offensively and defensively. It’s a combination of free agency, other player acquisition time periods and obviously the draft that we went into this thing saying ok look we got nine or ten draft picks coming up here. We got dollars to allocate to free agency, but we had a lot of free agents that were on our own team that we had to replace and so we knew we had to be active that not only one either sign our own free agents but yet if we didn’t, or if we weren’t able to retain some of our own then go out there and get some other ones at well. So the player acquisition period is not over. You still have some free agency left. You still have the draft left. So we’re still trying to upgrade this football team, but we are excited about what where at right now.”

Ross on the Super Bowl bid and if he is taking temperature of the other owners: “Right now we’re doing what has to be done locally. I think everybody…you know everybody wants to go to Miami. So it’s really a question of not need to take their temperature. Really the question is can we get approved? Can we get a new stadium? I do know and I have many people tell me that without a new or renovated stadium, modernized stadium, Miami’s not going to get the Super Bowl. And I don’t want to become another San Diego where people love going to San Diego but they wouldn’t do anything in the stadium and they haven’t been to the Super Bowl there, 15-20 years even though they love the experience there, but I do know that, I think Miami, if we do modernize the stadium, and I’m really excited about that because I’ve really gotten deeply involved being a real estate developer and going through the plans and it’s really going to be a new stadium. I mean it is tantamount to a new stadium. And just like, making the commitment that we would be there for 30 years, you know it was all part of that and in what we’ve done, I think we’ve really put our best foot forward. And the fact that we are negotiating, I mean I want it to work out because I think it would be beneficial to all South Florida.”

Dee on if he is surprised by the fan’s reaction to the logo: “Not at all. I have been through this before in my career. Other than what takes place on the field the closet thing that ignites the same kind of passion and opinion. Not at all surprised. I think fans are really going to be excited about where we landed. For the record, neither of the logos…we weren’t going to unveil it through Dannell Ellerbe or Dustin Keller. Not representative of what was out there yesterday.”

Ireland on being in the second tier of free agency and still having space and if that puts the team in a favorable position: “Certainly, I think it does. Sure, it does, certainly. It’s pretty much common knowledge that if you have money to spend, there’s a good chance that the guy coming in the door, he’s going to potentially be signed, so it certainly does. Everybody knew this year that the Miami Dolphins had money to spend and we certainly were aggressive.”
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