NOTEBOOK: Shula Reaches Out To Philbin; Other Notes

Posted Nov 20, 2012

Hall-of-Fame coach gives Miami's rookie coach some words of wisdom.

Not every NFL head coach has the luxury of having a living legend to lean on for advice, and none other than Miami’s Joe Philbin can reach out to the man with the most career wins – Don Shula.

During one of his answers during today’s press conference regarding missed assignments and miscommunication, Philbin quoted Shula in order to make a point.

“I think Coach Shula once said, ‘Uncorrected errors will multiply.’ So if you don’t correct things, then they just fester again and they pop up and they rear their ugly head at the most inopportune times,” he said.

Philbin revealed that he reached out to Shula a couple of times during the spring and most recently before Miami’s 37-3 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Without getting into specifics of their conversation, he shared a little summary of where Shula’s thought process is these days.

“He was very, very supportive,” Philbin said. “You know very supportive of what we are doing, and you can tell that he is still very passionate about the Miami Dolphins. You could tell that in just the brief conversation that we had.”

Dolphins owner Steve Ross also has been supportive of Philbin and they continue to communicate at least once a week.

“He's been great. As I said, he’s been very, very supportive of everything we’ve done here,” Philbin said. “Certainly all of us are competitive, all of us are in this thing to win. We all want the same thing; we all want a championship here in Miami. We’re all working toward that end. But he has been fantastic. Of course I give a 72-hour cool down period before I call him.”


Tight end Anthony Fasano is finding it difficult to suppress his smile after his alma mater Notre Dame jumped to the top of the BCS rankings this week. The Fighting Irish are 11-0 and thanks to losses by both Kansas State and Oregon this past Saturday they have only USC standing between them and a spot in the national championship game.

“It’s exciting but they have a big one this weekend,” said Fasano, who played at Notre Dame from 2003-05. “I’m happy for them and Coach (Brian) Kelly and his staff have done a great job. It’s funny how things work out but I think everyone looks forward to that playoff coming up here in a couple of years.

“Still, we’ve gone through some bad years and some good years and we have a pretty loyal fan base. I know they’re super excited and support right now is I’m sure as high as it’s ever been. So I’m happy for them and hopefully I’ll get to watch a game down here.”

This year’s BCS National Championship game is being played at Sun Life Stadium the week after the Orange Bowl.


It was done rather quietly during the bye week, but Dolphins rookie tight end Michael Egnew removed himself from the bachelor ranks and married his girlfriend of five years, Ally. They were engaged for two years and had the wedding back in Missouri in front of about 120 family members and friends.

“There hasn’t really been much of a change for us,” Egnew said. “I had asked her to come down to Miami and live with me so that’s part of the whole deal. In my family you don’t do that really. Nobody lives with each other unless you’re married, so we had to put off the honeymoon until after the season. I’m just going to let her pick and we’ll go.”