Philbin: We Are Looking For Guys To Step Up And Make Plays

Posted Jul 28, 2013

Head coach Joe Philbin speaks with reporters following Sunday's practice and discusses the team's Monday night scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium. Also, Philbin responds to questions about the offensive line, the cornerbacks and a possible role on special teams for first round draft pick Dion Jordan.

(Opening Statement) – “I told the players at the end when we called it up, I thought today’s practice, we covered a lot of ground, and a lot of different situations. I thought the end of practice was something we talked about as playing better in two minute situations, and offensively we had the ball our first group it looked like a desperate situation fourth and 15 and 16, and we make a play and score a touchdown. Conversely, on the other side, our next group got up there, we were moving the ball on offense, we had a player step up and make a play. As we know in two minute situations, a number of games are going to be decided in that time frame, and often times you just need guys to step up and make plays, and I thought some of our guys did that today.”

(On tempers flaring today at camp) – “One of the things I’ve been most pleased with the players has been, the lack of penalties, the discipline, and the poise. Sometimes tempers flare in training camp, we understand that but we have to keep our poise we don’t want to have people running off the sidelines with those kinds of plays we can’t have that we need to do a better job.”

(On how he feels about Tannehill’s progress) – “One thing I like about our quarterbacks we have, we had two today, but we had gone on a string where we hadn’t thrown very many interceptions here in practice. We are getting a lot of repetition and guys are doing a good job of protecting the football. So first and foremost, I’m happy he’s been protecting the football. Number one, his decision making has been good, he’s made some nice plays and then there’s been some plays he’s missed, again not uncommon at this time of the year, but I definitely see good progress.”

(On if tomorrow’s scrimmage is a measuring stick for the first week) –“ Yeah on that, we’re going to throw a lot at them tomorrow, we’re going to do a lot of situations, normal down and distance, we’ll have third down, red zone, goal line, two minute, virtually a little bit of a dress rehearsal for a ballgame so to speak we are going to have live tackling tomorrow which is going to be important for our guys to get that feel, we just don’t want them out there in the first game and not have them had the opportunity to tackle. We’re going to expose them to a lot, we’re not going to be out there forever, but we’re going to get some good quality work and see what kind of guys can step up and make plays, and take advantages of the opportunities.”

(On anything specific he is looking for during the scrimmage) – “Again, we’re looking for guys to step up and make plays. We’re going to provide them opportunities and give everybody chances at repetitions to get in there, get some reps, get on tape, get evaluated. The other thing you’re looking for, we have to step away a little bit, coaches we’re all on top of these guys, there (have been) seven practices of training camp, we have to step away a little bit and see what they can do on their own.”

(On Maurkice Pouncey’s comments on his brother Mike) – “I think I’ve made my comments on that the first day of training camp in regards to that situation. I am focused right now on this football team and improving them.”

(On if he can comment on the Rishard Mathews not being at practice) – “I’ll comment on anybody who was out here who practiced today, would love to do that.”

(On need for big plays and improving signs) – “We keep track of explosives (plays) every single day, and its been a little up and down. One of the things we want to do defensively is, we gave up way too many explosive passes, so it’s a little bit of a fine line. Sure you want to have offensive productivity way up there in explosive passes, but we’re going a lot one versus one here, so if we’re having a ton of success that means we’re not meeting our objectives from the defensive side of the ball. Would I say we’re where we need to be yet no, but do I see us making progress, yes.”

(On looking back on “Hard Knocks” any thoughts, is it a relief not having them here) – “Not really, I’ve said it before, “Hard Knocks” those people were, consummate professionals, good people to work with, fun people to be around, it really wasn’t a big deal.”

(On any advice for the Bengals on this year’s Hard Knocks) – “Just be yourself, this is training camp, most of us have been in the league for a while know what happens in training camp. It’s always good advice to be yourself.”

(On thoughts on the cornerbacks and their performance, specifically Dimitri Patterson) – “I think it’s a competitive group, Dimitri’s has had a very good camp, Richard has shown some good things the last couple days as well, Nolan Carroll has carried over, I thought he had a good OTA portion, and I think that’s carried over to training camp. Will Davis made a nice play today out there, Brent is doing some good things as well, I like the number of guys that we have, we feel like can compete for a job there.”

(On if the offensive tackles are doing well since they haven’t changed during camp) – “I think they’re doing well, I think Jonathan’s transition is going well. Tyson Clabo as I’ve mentioned before, Tyson’s intelligent he’s efficient, he’s been in the league long enough he knows what works for him and what doesn’t. Obviously there are certain techniques that we’re doing that may be a hair differently then he’s used to and he’s more than receptive to jumping on board and executing those techniques. We like what they’re doing, again there’s a lot of competition.”

(On what the movement of offensive lineman means for the team’s versatility) – “When you’re a player you want to have as much value as possible to the organization, part of that is showing some versatility, and position flexibility. Jimmy (Offensive line coach Jim Turner) does a great job of training those guys, and teaching those guys the responsibilities, the rules, and assignments at multiple positions. As you know, we dress seven guys in a game, we’re going to need guys to do different things and play different positions.”

(On if there is a set time, he’d like to have the O-Line set) – “I’ve always thought, by your third game, if you can, if it works, in a perfect world, there’s a host of factors that go into that though. Sometimes guys are nicked up, and you can’t get the right guys practicing together that you’d like to have together. I would think in my mind, if you could get it by the third game in preseason, that’s excellent, but sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t. “

(On if he’d put Dion Jordan on special teams, is he too valuable?) – “No, that’s a huge part of our team, I think we have the potential to be very, very good on special teams this year. We take those reps, very seriously, there is no more explosive play than a kickoff return. You probably saw him getting reps there, he’s had an outstanding attitude toward special teams, so we don’t have a set number right now, but to say he’s too valuable, absolutely not.”

(On if he’s treating the preseason different with five this year) – “We’ve got a little more flexibility, we’ve got some thought tentatively when we were together in June, as to how we were going to approach the preseason, but again those things change. Typically we’ll get together on Thursday or Friday of next week and we’ll nail down at least specifically long range what we’d like to do for five games and then who we have available for Sunday night in Canton.”

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