Referee Anderson: The Illegal Bat Is Not Reviewable

Posted Oct 27, 2013

Referee Walt Anderson discusses the batted ball ruling.

Q: How could you be sure that the player was batting the ball forward and the ball didn’t hit the back of his hand while he was trying to gather it into his body?

A: The official on the field what he ruled was that the player batted it forward, which is an intentional act. Players cannot bat the ball forward. With it being the defensive team they couldn’t bat it in that direction. The offensive team likewise could not have batted it forward from their side of the field.

Q: Is that a reviewable play?

A: The illegal bat is not reviewable. Now on that play what would have potentially been reviewable was the initial ruling of fumble, whether or not the player was down by contact prior to the fumble. But the act of the illegal batting is not a reviewable play.

Q: Is that because it’s a judgment call?

A: It’s not of the categories of plays that’s listed as reviewable.
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