Reggie Bush A Hit On Live With Kelly

Posted Jan 9, 2012

Morning television viewers were given a glimpse into the Miami Dolphins locker room this morning as the workweek kicked off with "Live With Kelly" on ABC.

Dolphins running back Reggie Bush served as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on the popular one-hour show, taking the leadoff spot for a week of all-sports guest co-hosts. He will be followed by NASCAR driver Carl Edwards tomorrow, NFL broadcaster and former Bengals and Jets quarterback Boomer Esaison on Wednesday, ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer on Thursday and Olympic speed skating champion Apolo Anton Ohno on Friday.

From the moment he sauntered onto the set on the arm of the diminutive Ripa, Bush was made to feel at home thanks to the make-up of the studio audience. The first camera shot of the crowd spotlighted a fan waving a Miami Dolphins towel and then Ripa took notice of two fans wearing Dolphins jerseys sitting next to two fans wearing New Orleans Saints jerseys, Bush’s former team.

The one-hour program went by fast, but Bush looked at ease in the seat next to Ripa. Whether it was answering questions about his love life (for the record, he confirmed that he is single), interviewing movie star Mark Wahlberg about his new movie, “Contraband,” or weighing in on the morning meal makeover, Bush was a natural.

“Is that for me? All right I’m quitting football,” Bush said with a smile, as he was welcomed with raucous cheers.

Most of the first segment featured Bush and Ripa interacting and talking about Sunday’s playoff games, Christmas shopping in New York City, how he stays in shape and, perhaps the topic that will dominate Twitter, why Ripa was so enamored with Bush’s right bicep. When she got back to Bush’s single status, he ever so aptly rebutted her insinuation that living in Miami would influence Bush to want to stay single forever.

“No, I don’t want to be single forever,” he said. “I want to gave a wife and kids someday and be able to raise a little Reggie. I want to raise some kids someday and hopefully they’ll grow up to play football or do whatever it is they want. I’m not one of those guys that’s going to make their kids play football, pound them when they’re young and try to live vicariously through them. I’m not going to do that.”

After emphasizing how hard football is on the body and pointing to his two knee surgeries and one shoulder surgery as examples, Bush sat back and laughed again as Ripa returned the focus to his bicep “made of steel.” Then he got to show off the Segways he bought for all of his offensive linemen, showing a photo of him next to 6-foot-8 Marc Colombo and the other linemen in front of the team’s practice facility in Davie.

Bush also is obsessed with YouTube and showed a video of a professional bowler who fell after the ball never left his hand and landed on his rear. Bush took that opportunity to express how competitive he is at bowling and any other activity he participates in, and then he showed a video of a woman who was bungee jumping in Africa and the bungee cord snapped, dropping her into crocodile-infested waters. She survived, but Bush used it as proof that an African-American man or woman would never try that.

From there, Ripa got Bush to share with the audience what he typically eats for breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, pork sausage and pancakes). He joked that the orange juice is the healthy part but he burns it all off on the football field during practice.

“It doesn’t stick but I figure I’ve got about two or three more years before I can’t keep eating like that,” Bush said. “I know there’s a certain point when gravity starts to kick in and you just can’t eat as much as you used to.”

The remaining segments took the focus off of Bush and onto the other elements of the show, starting with the Daily Dial Trivia. That’s where a random viewer is called to answer a trivia question and this time it was Judy Judge from Altamonte Springs, Florida. Bush asked the question, which was in what 1983 film based on a S.E. Hinton novel did Rob Lowe appear on and she answered correctly, “The Outsiders.” Judge won a seven-day trip to Antigua but sounded more excited that Bush asked the question.

Wahlberg, who began by saying Bush is doing a great job as co-host, had some fun with Bush about staying fit as he recently turned 40. He admitted that he can’t eat like Bush eats anymore, especially not when he’s training for his next movie. Then the conversation turned to the seven tattoos Wahlberg is having removed before shifting to the movie he was promoting, which was filmed in New Orleans.

Bush’s guest appearance ended with the morning meal makeover segment featuring health expert and author Jorge Cruise. As he walked Bush and Ripa through his breakfast displays he kept pointing out that as a football player these tips don’t apply for Bush because he needs to keep his weight up.

“I’d be eating all of these,” Bush joked. “I eat Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes and Captain Crunch. I eat all the worst cereals.”

Ripa said that Bush eats exactly like her son and then they continued on with the segment. And during her promotion for her “Girls Night Out Giveaway,” Bush said if he comes back on the show he’ll do a “Guys Night Out.”

After the final commercial break, which followed Ripa and Bush revealing the winner of the trip to Hawaii, Ripa asked Bush if he’d come back.

“Of course, I would love to,” he said. Then he helped Ripa preview tomorrow’s show, after which a fan in the audience named Georgette came up on stage in a Reggie Bush Dolphins jersey to feel his bicep.

It’s safe to say Bush is the leader in the clubhouse.
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