Reggie Bush Press Conference And Transcript

Posted Dec 14, 2011

RB Reggie Bush

(On tweeting about how it was strange in practice today) - “Yeah, just today not having Coach (Tony) Sparano around…it was kind weird I think, which was kind of a weird feeling. I think some of the guys felt the same way just because such a good guy, such a good person. He’s a good coach. Just a standup guy and someone that who you love to go out and play hard for and I think that was kind of evident in our play. The way we played, guys weren’t going out there giving up. We’re out there, even though we were down, we were playing hard. It’s just tough because you never want to see stuff like that happen to good people. Obviously I have a little bit even more bias because he brought me here. And I felt like he’s the reason why I’m here and kind of gave me a second chance so I feel like I’m indebted to him a little bit for it.”

(On what is the difference between playing in New Orleans and playing in Miami) - “Well, obviously it’s different. At the same time I understand that success isn’t built overnight. It takes times. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And it’s something that I’m accustom too so it’s not something I shy away from. I welcome it and I look forward to the future years here building a championship franchise. So this is just part of the stepping stone. Part of the journey how we have to get there, but eventually we will get there.”

(On how well do you know Coach Todd Bowles) - “Well, I haven’t really heard him say two words other than before today (laughing). He really doesn’t say much and before today he obviously had to address the team. I really haven’t heard him say two words before today, but obviously he’s a good guy. Obviously, he’s stepping in for a reason.”

(On what was Coach Todd Bowles message today to the team) - “Just that he talked about Coach (Tony) Sparano’s departure and how obviously everybody should do their part at least give him a card or talk to him and just kind of pay him respect. And I agree with that because he’s done a lot for this team and guys on this team respect him. He just talked about just the way we’re going continue to play hard, practice hard and fast, just really not missing a beat.”

(On how was Coach Todd Bowles in practice today) - “The same as before just quiet didn’t really hear him say much (laughing). So yeah, I didn’t really him say anything too much other than he addressed the team earlier and then after practice when we broke. That was it.”

(On when you talked to Coach Sparano, how did the conversation go) - “I haven’t had a chance to call him. I plan on talking to him tonight and just really thanking him for bringing me here. Really giving me an opportunity to add a second chance to my career and kind of reviving my career maybe a little bit. It’s just a chance to show people that I can be an every down back and just giving me the opportunity really like I said just thanking him and just appreciation for him.”

(On keeping the same positive attitude despite the situation) - “Yeah, I think one of the most important things that Todd (Bowles) said today was being evaluated on a weekly basis. These last three games we’re still being evaluated even though our playoff chances are probably gone we still being evaluated. We still have a job to go out and do and there’s no time to give up and laying down. So that’s kind of I think the most important thing he said today.”

(On what was your impression of Coach Todd Bowles as a speaker) - “He’s a guy who played in the league so obviously he knows where we are mentally, physically, so he’s a guy that can relate to us. Just seems like the right guy to fit in and take over for right now. And whatever happens after the season happens, but for right now our mentality is to still win games and that’s really it. I think he did everything he could in addressing the team today. I think he did it the correct way.”

(On where does the motivation come from in the final three games of the season) - “I think like Todd (Bowles) said today. We’re all still being evaluated. We all still a have job to do. If you’re not doing your job, then they’ll find someone else who can. So I think that’s the motivation is to still go out and these games, their divisional games. And it still means something. We just can’t go out there and lay down or give up because like I said, we are being evaluated and we have a job to do. And so the motivation is alright there for us and I think we have the type of guys on this team with good character and who are going to go out there and play hard.”

(On reaching 1,000 yards rushing, what would that mean to you) - “It’s just means that I rushed over a 1,000 yards, that’s it (laughing). I think that more importantly for me is that I want to win these last three games. I want to do it for Coach (Tony) Sparano just because he’s not here and I think that it would mean a lot to him. Knowing him without even having to talk to him he I know he would want the same thing. He would want us to go out there and win these last three games so the rushing yards they are what they are. I’m focused on winning these next three games. If I do rush over 1,000 yards that means we did it as an offense. It’s not just about me. It’s about all 11 guys out there who helped make that happen so that’s pretty much it.”

(On how long will it take to get use to J.P. Losman) - “Well, I think that the positive if there’s any positive that we can take away from it is that we’ve been in this position before where a quarterback has had to step in. We’re just going to do our best to protect him and I think we didn’t do a good job at all this last game. We have to do a lot better job. Nine sacks are far too many sacks in a game to give up. And it’s something we got to be better at in protecting the quarterback and giving him a chance to throw the ball down the field and giving us that balanced attack. So we all have to be better. I have to be better, everybody. Offensive line, everybody.”

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