Ross Engages Season Ticket Members In Exclusive Conference Call

Posted Jun 11, 2012

Transparency is the new approach the Miami Dolphins want to take with their fans and owner Steve Ross took that to a higher level tonight by holding a conference call with season ticket members.

Ross and CEO Mike Dee fielded a variety of questions over the phone and via e-mail for almost 40 minutes in an effort to better connect with their fan base. This being Ross’ third full year as the primary owner of the team it has allowed him to take firm control over what direction he wants to steer the ship.

“I totally believe we’re in a new world today where transparency is most important with all the social media and everything else,” said Ross before opening up the line to callers. “It’s something as a sports team or any business you can’t really do well without understanding the importance of this. When I inherited the team I inherited a certain way that they did business and I think the changes we have made it’s allowed me to make some changes that I thought needed to be made. That included a lot more transparency and having the fans a lot more involved in what we were doing and when we did it.”

So it was only appropriate that the first question fired in Ross’ direction came from what sounded like a 10-year-old kid up in Palm Beach County asking what is being done to upgrade the wide receiver position. Without hesitation, Ross confirmed what new Head Coach Joe Philbin told reporters earlier in the day and that was veteran wide receiver Chad Ochocinco indeed worked out for the team. No contract has been offered as of yet but Ross was amused by how direct the question was.

From there the questions came from every direction with some having to do with the status of the original Miami Dolphins fight song and others looking for more insight into the decision to agree to do HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Miami Dolphins.” There were questions about plans for improvement to the stadium in order to help lure another Super Bowl to South Florida as well as more intricate things like improving concessions on the 400 level and Dee handled a lot of those stadium-specific and ticket questions.

If there was one thing that Ross could truly take away from this call it’s just how broad and far-reaching the fan base is. Callers and e-mailers came from as far away as Philadelphia, Connecticut and Western New York. They ranged in age from the young child that asked the first question to a man by the name of Ed, a season ticket member from Philadelphia since 1967 and his words summed up the call best.

“Thank you very much for this extraordinary opportunity,” he said. “I don’t now of any other franchise whose owner reaches out directly to the fans so I really appreciate that.”

Sentiments like that one were common among the callers and encouraged Ross to predict that more calls like this one could be in store down the road.
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