Ross Impressed With First Day Of Practice

Posted Jul 27, 2012

Stephen Ross was among those who watched the Dolphins’ first practice of training camp. The Dolphins owner liked what he saw, particularly the fast tempo on offense.

“That’s exciting,” Ross said when he spoke Friday afternoon to a group of reporters in the media room at the team’s practice facility. “I think the fans really saw that. You could see the enthusiasm and hear the fans. It was a totally different tone than it has been in the past.

“You can’t help but get excited as you watch and see the speed and the enthusiasm. The players are all up for it and moving around. That up tempo is what people want to see.”

The fast pace on offense is also what has Ross optimistic about the Dolphins’ prospects for the 2012 season.

“One thing about football, it keeps on becoming a faster and faster game and I think this team is a much faster team, a much faster-paced team,” Ross said. “I think they are serious about their business and I think with the up-tempo nature of this offense and what it’s going to be, which you could see today on the field, get a feeling for that, that it’s going to bring a lot of excitement to South Florida and I think will translate into wins.”

Ross didn’t make any bold predictions about the 2012 season. When he was asked whether he saw the Dolphins as possibly being a playoff team, he simply said: “I sure hope so.”

The Dolphins owner’s eyes lit up, though, when he talked about his dream of bringing a Super Bowl championship to South Florida.

After the Miami Heat’s NBA title in June, Ross was asked whether that provided more motivation for him.

“I don’t need to be motivated any more than I am, to be very honest with you,” Ross said. “It’s great for Miami that the Heat does win, but at the same time South Florida is about football and I think the fans will feel a lot better when the Dolphins are winning in the Super Bowl.”

With the encouragement of new head Joe Philbin, Ross addressed Dolphins players Thursday night after they reported for training camp.

The message was simple.

“I wanted to tell them what I believe, why I bought the team, what my vision was for it and tell them how excited I am,” Ross explained. “My position as an owner is to support the team and do everything we can to produce a winner. (I also let) them know that there’s a tradition here in Miami, it’s a great place to play, there’s responsibility, both to the team and the fan base and the impact on the community. It was kind of a new beginning, if you would.”

That new beginning includes having Philbin as the team’s new head coach.

And it’s not just the up-tempo offense that has Ross impressed with Philbin so far.

“I think Joe Philbin really wants to bring back the tradition of Miami being a winning team,” Ross said. “I think you can see his sincerity as a person and his work ethic. His expectations are great. I don’t think he’s going to suffer anybody very much. He’s a guy that’s very serious about it.

“I like the way he’s going about it and the staff he’s put together and you can see how organized his practices are and how they’re moving along. I’m really, really impressed with what he’s doing.”

With that statement, Ross had a quick pause before adding, “We’ve got to win games.”

That’s what it all comes down in sports. And Ross loves sports. That’s why he bought the Dolphins in the first place.

“I’m at the stage of my life where I still love challenges,” he said, “and I really want to bring a winning team to Miami and really be the best class organization, (and) have our impact on the field, as well as in the community.”

“Every season I want to win. That’s the only way I can really look at it. It’s kind of like a fresh start. (With) the coaching staff and all the parts they put together, I’m looking to win.”
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