Ross Optimistic In Dolphins Direction

Posted Jan 8, 2017

While the Dolphins owner was clearly happy about the playoff appearance, it’s not what Ross ultimately is looking for.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was, like everybody else in the organization, disappointed about the result of the playoff game at Pittsburgh, but he also is optimistic when he looks at the big picture.

“I think we’ve come a long way from where we started,” Ross told reporters in the locker room at Heinz Field after the game. “Certainly unhappy right now. But I’m happy with the direction we’re going. I think we have the right coach, the right people in place and I have the basis for something. Everybody is smelling it. They want it more and that gives you optimism for next year.”

Ross said the reason for his optimism is simple.

“I think how the organization has come together,” Ross said. “You saw a team that was 1-4. Everybody was ready to write it off at that point and how they fought back and came together as a team. That’s great to see. The way we ended up was pretty good … not today. Certainly everybody in this room is disappointed. But I think the basis is here to really create something and hopefully we’re in the right direction. I believe it.”

The playoff appearance this season was the first for Ross since he took full ownership of the team in 2009. While he clearly was happy about that, it’s not what Ross ultimately is looking for.

“Today it’s a loss,” he said. “But I feel good the direction that the team is going. I’ll only be satisfied with winning the Super Bowl.”

The question after the loss against the Steelers is how close the Dolphins are to being able to make Ross’ wish come true. It’s a question that’s difficult to answer, although Ross came up with a clear thought regardless.

“How do you say how close?” he said. “Three games away. That’s how close we are.”
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