Seven Things You Should Know About Philip Wheeler

Posted Mar 3, 2014

Learn seven fun facts about the Dolphins linebacker.

1. One of my favorite hobbies is to play basketball. I also play NBA 2K and Madden 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox. I’m the king of Madden. I collect wins in Madden. That’s all I do.

2. My favorite food is pizza because you don’t have to be hungry to eat it.

3. My worst fear is to be poked in the eye.

4. My favorite superheroes would have to be Superman and Quailman, from the television show “Doug.”

5. I didn’t have any real idols or role models growing up. I just looked up to anybody who played sports.

6. My first car was a two-door Chevy Blazer.

7. My favorite television show is “Tom and Jerry.” My favorite movie is called “Brick”; it’s a little old. Right now, I’d have to say my favorite musicians are Future and 2 Chainz.
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