Sherman: We Want To Push The Ball Down The Field Vertically

Posted Jun 11, 2013

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman meets with reporters to discuss the progress of the offense as the unit looks to improve in many areas during the 2013 season.

(On what they can do with Ryan Tannehill compared to a year ago during the season) – “I just think that we can do is do things better than what we did a year ago. This time last year he was coming into an NFL camp not the starter and had a lot of growth, just getting caught up to the speed of the game. Remember the mini-camps we had last year with him, he improved each minicamp, but the speed of the game is really what got him. I think that he has adjusted to that obviously now, and my expectations for him is that he is going to get better and better which is what he has done through these OTA’s and minicamps.”

(On if they can do more with him now than they could at the end of the season) – “He’s doing more, as far as what he sees. He is doing things better, we did a lot last year and maybe that was my fault, but he is doing things better than he did a year ago. There’s not a whole lot of changes from that standpoint or from a protection standpoint as far as him recognizing things, we have a few more concepts in. We want to push the ball down the field vertically and so we have some of those in there more so than maybe we did a year ago, but from his standpoint I don’t think he notices a whole lot of difference from what he has done in the past, except that he is seeing the defenses. I think that is the biggest thing, not so much the offense but what he sees defensively.”

(On how much of the offense has been installed) – “Probably about…you always say there’s game planning, but we probably have about ninety-five percent of what we are going to do during the season. We do way too much in these camps, but there is a reason for that and we come back to preseason we cut it back a little bit, but we want to be able to draw things off the shelf that we have already built. So pretty much what we are going to do is, and a lot of the kids are say why are we doing this now, it has relationships to maybe New England, to maybe what Buffalo is going to play or what the Jets are going to play or Cleveland or Indy and so we will be able to pull things off of the shelf. So we have done a lot more. They have about five game plans worth of information at their disposal right now, whereas its cut when we play a game its one-fifth of what we are doing, so I think that they will be relieved when we get to game week and they won’t have to practice all of this and remember all of this stuff on the spot.”

(On the biggest difference in Ryan Tannehill from Year One until now) – “I think just his recognition of what defenses intents are. He can see a safety start to creep up or lean a certain way, or a linebackers depth from the line of scrimmage from the heels of his defensive lineman. Determining whether we turn and protect there or do we go the other way because that guy is in coverage, which I think more recognition of defenses even more so what we are doing on offense. We threw the book at him last year in the hopes that he would get to a point where we are at right now, where now he is just focused and not so much on the offense but on the defense.”

(On whether any unit on the offense has surprised him with their progress) – “I wouldn’t differentiate one from the other. They’ve all had their days of good and days of not so good, me included. We’re a little too early to anoint anybody the group of the OTAs or minicamp just yet.”

(On whether he is happy with the tempo of the offense) – “Yes. Today I was firing plays at them left and right and I was actually trying to keep up with them because they were going. I said, ‘hey we’ve got to get our tempo better.’ Coach Philbin has been making a point of that and I was very impressed by how they finished. To do that at the end of practice with that kind of tempo, it was faster than I expected. I’m very pleased with that result.”

(On whether the pace of the offense from year one to year two is drastic enough where it would be noticeable to fans watching the game) – “I think we were one of the leaders last year in no-huddle offense in the National Football League. I don’t know if they will see it. Execution is the bottom line. If we are executing it, yeah they will say that’s pretty good. If we’re not executing it, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you execute, maybe they notice we’re executing better. That’s really what I want to see, more so than any flavor of the week.”

(On how much progress Kyle Miller has made since last year) – “He's made a lot of progress as far as learning and understanding the offense. He still has a ways to go in relationship to how he is going to fit in. He has excellent hands, but we’re anxious to see him with pads on blocking. He really never got that opportunity last year because when we picked him up, we weren’t doing a lot of hitting per se or scrimmaging. We were into the season, so I am anxious to see him in camp and see how he responds to the challenge of the contact of banging into people and then getting off the ground and running a vertical route. Can you do that? We have to wait and see on him and hopefully things will be good.”

(On the one thing people should notice different about the offense this year from last year if everything is going correctly) – “Well I hope the fact that we are getting in the end zone a hell of a lot more than we did a year ago. Obviously that was something that held us back from being the type of team Coach Philbin wants us to be. We need to score more points. We can’t rely on the defense, so I think we need to score more points and hopefully we will find our way into the end zone.”

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