Sturgis: I Was On Hole 17 When Dolphins Called

Posted Apr 27, 2013

Kicker was on the golf course when he gets call from Dolphins

(On how surprised he was to receive the news that he was selected) – “I couldn’t be more excited about staying in the state of Florida. My little brother’s with me (and) he’s a huge Dolphins fan. This was awesome.”

(On being the third Florida Gator selected by the Dolphins today) – “I saw Jelani (Jenkins) and (Mike) Gillislee. That’s awesome. They’re both great dudes. I can’t wait to watch them succeed.”

(On when he was expecting to be drafted and his thoughts on going in the fifth round) – “This is awesome. I try not to make expectations, especially for something like this because, with kickers, some of the years you’ve seen great guys not go and some guys go earlier than what you think. So I try not to have any expectations and (I) came out to play golf with my brother and brother in law and my kicking coach and just tried to relax and see what happens. This was a place I really wanted to go. I’m just ecstatic that I get to go here.”

(On if he was on the golf course when he was selected) – “Yes, the amazing thing is we live on the golf course I’m playing at and we live on hole 17, and we were just on the green right in front of my house, probably 20 yards from my house when I got the call. So my parents actually got to come out and listen to it.”

(On if he was expecting to receive a phone call in the fifth round while he was on the golf course) – “I was definitely hoping to. I think I did a good job with some tryouts I had, but, at the end of the day, I knew I was a kicker and you never know where you’re going to go. So I was definitely ecstatic to get it.”

(On if he’s aware of Dolphins veteran kicker Dan Carpenter and if he’s excited about competing with him) – “Yes, I’m definitely excited about it. Coming into the league, you know you have to compete against the best. I’ve seen Dan kick and he’s got an unbelievable leg. He’s an unbelievable kicker and I just can’t wait to get in and compete against him. I’m so thankful for the opportunity more than anything.”

(On if he finished the hole he was on when he received the phone call from the Dolphins) – “I didn’t finish it. It probably wouldn’t have been too good of a hole for me anyway for me.”

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