Sturgis: You Can Never Get Too Down, You Can Never Get Too Up

Posted Aug 15, 2013

Rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis speaks with the media to discuss the news of the team releasing veteran kicker Dan Carpenter, paving the way for Sturgis to become the team's placekicker this fall.

(On if he feels different feel today) – “It’s not much of a different feel. It’s the same mindset when I go out there every day. When I go out there to kick a ball on a field goal, you want to put it through the uprights. On a kickoff, you want to put the kickoff team in the best position possible.”

(On what he thought when he heard the team had released Dan Carpenter) – “He’s a great kicker.”

(On if he expected the competition to an end this quickly in training camp) –“I really did not have much expectation for anything. Again, all you can really focus on is trying to be better individually, again just trying to form a good relationship with Brandon (Fields) and John (Denney) and doing our job as well.”

(On difference of kicking in the NFL compared to kicking in Florida) – “I think kicking a ball is kicking a ball. As long as that’s what you focus on, there isn’t much of a difference.”

(On the feeling of being the only placekicker in training camp) – “Again, it’s not much of a different feeling. You still need to focus on the same things. I’m fully aware how competitive this league is.”

(On how he still has to carry around other players shoulder pads) – “I’m still a rookie.”

(On if he was concerned he would have fallen behind in the position battle while he out with an injury earlier in camp) – “As a kicker you can never get too down, you can never get too up. I try not to let anything get to me.”

(On how he will prepare for the start of the season) – “My focus the entire time was to come in here… Obviously John (Denney) and Brandon (Fields) are the best in the business at what they do. I’m trying to fit in with them and try do my job as good as I can do it.”

(On how he felt after making the 58-yard field goal against Jacksonville) – “That was neat. We’ve got a really good group of guys here. They’ve all been really supportive, so I’m thankful for that.”

(On coming from a family of athletes) – “I guess you can say that.”

(On his brother playing in Major League Soccer) – “Yes, he’s been playing the last eight years, I think, in MLS.”

(On if he was a soccer player growing up) – “Yes, that’s what I did until high school.”

(On what position he played in soccer) – “Usually up front, forward.”

(On how he explains the strong legs in his family) – “I don’t know. My dad was a tennis player, so I don’t know.”

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