Tannehill: Guys Are Stepping Up And Making Plays

Posted Dec 8, 2013

Ryan Tannehill speaks with the media after Miami's win in Pittsburgh. See what he has to say about his day, his weapons and what the Dolphins must to do in order to continue winning.

On the Dolphins’ last touchdown drive:

It was a good drive. We had about four minutes left. We knew what the situation was. We needed to go down and score a touchdown. Called the play early. I was able to change the route and get the ball to [WR Brian] Hartline. Then a hand off to [RB] Daniel [Thomas] and he breaks a long run, and it really changed the whole dynamic of the drive. So that was a huge play and we followed it up with a short completion to [TE Charles] Clay. He breaks two tackles and gets in the endzone. It was fun.

On playing in the wintry weather:

It was fun. It wasn’t too bad. Early in the game, the snow was coming down pretty good. But the ball felt good all day. You’re warm on the sideline and once you get on the field, you feel good. It wasn’t anything really affecting the game too much besides the footing.

On what’s going right for the offense right now:

I think guys are stepping up and making plays. You see that last drive allowed us to go ahead. Simple plays and guys are stepping up and making plays; the offensive line obviously blocking the ball on the run, running the ball and Clay getting in the end zone. So it’s a great mix of guys just stepping up and making plays.

On S Troy Polamalu’s interception:

It was cover-six. He was playing the Sam. So I figured he’d stay on the right side of the field, but I should have known. It’s Troy Polamalu and he doesn’t ever stay anywhere. So he followed my eyes and came back to Hartline and ran underneath it. So I just have to be aware of where he is at all times and not throw it to him, obviously. Responding from that, it was a tough play and I should have thrown the ball away. And he made a play. But we knew we had to respond. I knew I had to respond and make some throws.

On whether he ever played in weather conditions like that and if it was easier to adjust to the weather conditions as the game went on:

I played in the cold before, but never snow like that. I don’t think it was so much adjusting to it. I felt good all game. The snow slowed down in the second half. It wasn’t coming down as hard. I felt like other than a few slips, it didn’t have a huge impact on the game.

On whether he was surprised that the second half turned into such a shootout:

I wasn’t really surprised. Games can change in a heartbeat. The weather cleared up in the second half. It turned out to be a nice day and the offenses really turned it up from there.

On Charles Clay stepping up:

He’s always a great player. He’s fun to be around. A guy who wants to be good. He wants to do all the little things right. He listens. I talked through a few adjustments with him. He’s right there listening and he executes it well. He’s a heck of an athlete that makes small plays and big plays.

What was going through his mind on the Steelers’ last play:

Is this really happening? You know, it seemed surreal for a second. I did see him step out. I was standing right there on the sideline. Thank goodness for that one inch.

On getting a win in Pittsburgh:

It was a team effort. I think guys really stepped up. After we went ahead the defense came up huge for us on short stops. Then at the end, we were good enough to end the game. It was a pure team effort. We really hung in there together and came out with a win.

On whether he has a go-to guy when he’s under pressure:

It’s more about plays. All of our plays are progression. The majority of our plays are progression routes. So it’s not so much picking the guy as it is just going through the progression.
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